2mm teak plywood

Teak Plywood which relives the old world nostalgia of teak. Made from quality Burma Teak, it comes with a rich legacy and its exquisite natural colors are compatible with any kind of polish, while the beautiful patterns are of timeless appeal. Choose from our series of mesmerizing designs and add a dash of finesse to your interiors. Because, there are some things in life that are meant to be forever.


Size: 1220×2440/1250×2500mm/1500x3000mm and as customer requirement
Thickness: 2mm to 30mm and as for your requirement
Thickness tolerance: 2-9mm: +/-0.2mm; 9-30mm:  +/-0.3mm
Grade: A/A, A/B, B/B, AA/BB,etc.
Glue: MR,E1,E2,Melamine,WBP Phenolic
Moisture: 10%-15%
Strength: High bending strength, Strong nail holding
Usage: construction, Furniture, decoration, packing
Joint way: Overlap joint, end joint, scraf joint, finger joint
Certificate: ISO9001: 2000; CE; CARB
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1. The natural pomelo fragrance contained in the teak veneer can effectively purify the air, relieve tension and facilitate rest and sleep.
2. The texture is meticulous and beautiful: beautiful ink lines and gorgeous oil shadows form a natural texture of various poses and expressions after the overall decoration.
3. Teak wood is firm and durable, with good texture: Teak has good weathering resistance.
4. Teak has many advantages such as high corrosion resistance, not easy to deform in various climates, and easy to construct.
5. High oil content, the longer the time, the smoother it will be: the surface of teak furniture is very delicate and smooth, which protects the gloss of the furniture and makes it bright and durable.
6. Teak is not easy to deform, corrode and crack in various environments. Teak solid wood flooring has both strength and toughness, and good stability.
7. The shrinkage rate is small, so it is not easy to leak water, and the expansion and contraction are the smallest among all woods.
8. The longer it is used, the more golden the color will be: the color of its planed surface is oxidized to golden yellow through photosynthesis, and the color becomes more beautiful with time.

Plywood details:

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