F17 21mm bb birch baltic plywood

Birch plywood is also resistant to moisture and is easy to machine and handle.

By using different types of veneers, the surface properties of birch plywood can be further enhanced.



Birch Plywood Data sheet download

Face&back; Birch and as customer requested
Size: 1220×2440mm, 1250×2500mm, 1500x3000mm or as customer requirement
Thickness: 18mm, 21mm, or as your requirement
Thickness tolerance: 2-9mm: +/-0.2mm
9-30mm: +/-0.3mm
Grade: B/B, B/C, C/C
Glue: MR, E1, E2, Melamine, WBP Phenolic
Moisture: 10%-15%
Strength: high bending strength, strong nail holding
Certificate: ISO9001: 2000; CE; CARB

The characteristics of birch plywood
1. Excellent internal core material: When producing birch plywood, each sheet has been selected and repaired before use, so it has good bonding strength after production, no glue, no fracture, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other advantages, the advantages of using it are also obvious.
2. The surface layer is smooth: the surface layer must be at least relatively smooth when used, with relatively good flatness, no carbonization, and the overall thickness of the plywood is relatively uniform.
3. The degree of gluing is relatively good: because during production, melamine waterproof glue and phenolic glue are used for production and gluing, so the strength of gluing can be guaranteed.

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