CARB red oak

Red Oak Plywood,This product can be used in a variety of different ways and is suitable for many applications. It is commonly requested for its hard-wearing surface layer veneer (e.g. for flooring applications), or due to its high strength & rigidity (e.g. musical instruments). It is also regularly used in the manufacture of decorative furniture, where the core is to be seen, or even accentuated


Product parameters:

Product nameSizeThickness
Red oak plywood1220mm×2440mm in store

Or as requriement



The features of red oak:

1.Red oak is an ideal material for making all kinds of furniture and wardrobes. It is hard, wear-resistant but not too heavy, and is relatively easy to process compared to other oaks.
2.Red oak has obvious patterns and excellent finishing properties, and the coloring effect of natural oil decoration or various shades is very ideal.

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