6mm mahogany plywood

Mahogany Plywood
Grade: BB/CC Furniture Grade Plywood
Finish: Reddish Species Smooth and Clean on Both Sides
Substrate: Lightweight Poplar Core Softwood – E1/MR Glue
Used in: Interior & Shop Fit-Outs, Furniture, Cabinets, Flooring, Wall Panels, Joinery, Caravans, RVs, Garages, Shelving.


Mahogany veneer plywood has a reddish brown heartwood colour. The grain can be straight but is usually interlocked. This produces a striped figure on quarter cut surfaces. This hardwood of medium density is easy to work with and strong, with a moderately coarse texture, slightly porous grain and consistent color.

Cut to size

Our hardwood plywood comes in various thicknesses and is available in 1220mm×2440mm or cut to size.

Movement: Mahogany is considered to be one of the most stable timbers.
Texture: Fine or medium to coarse, and uniform.
Durability: High durability, resistant to brown-rot and white rot fungi. Moderately resistant to dry-wood termite attack.
Weathering Properties: a good choice for boat building.
Strength: high bending strength and medium crushing strength. Density: hardness and weight are moderate.
Applications: furniture repair and manufacture, countertops, shelves and architectural millwork

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