12mm bb birch baltic plywood

The wood is shiny, with straight grain, fine and uniform structure, easy to saw and planing, and smooth planing surface.

Not resistant to corrosion and termites, easy to immerse in antiseptic.


Number of layers: 5
Finish: Veneer finish smooth sanded
Thickness: 12mm
Grade: BB/CP
Available sizes are:
1525*1525( mm)
1220*2440 mm or 1250*2500 mm long and short grain
1525*3050 mm or 1500*3000 mm short grain
Cut To Size is an option to be discussed
By glue.
– Exterior (WBP meaning Water Boiled Proof) or
– Interior (MR meaning Moisture Resistant) glues.

B-BB Grade – one face will not have splices or patches
Higher quality plywood
Uses no fillers or softwood
Uses 40% more dense plies than standard plywood
Thick face plies allow for more resistance to sand-through

Plywood Grades:
A: Nearly perfect
B: Generally uniform light color, with no plugs, but may have pin knots
BB: Generally uniform color, though color variations/stains are allowed. Limited number of plugs.
CP: Generally less consistent color, more prevalent defects (knots, staining, etc.) and an unlimited amount of plugs.
C: Utility Grade

Product details:

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