What diffrent Building Form Ply and Laminated plywood

It is often said that building formwork is plywood produced by plywood factories.In fact, this is not accurate.Laminated board (laminated plywood) is only one of many types of building forms — building forms ≠ laminated plywood. With the development of modern construction, cast-in-place concrete structure is widely used in engineering construction.Accordingly, the manufacturing quality and design level of building formwork system also improved and developed rapidly.The variety of building templates is also increasing.Building formwork includes steel formwork,phenolic faced plywood, bamboo and wood formwork and even plastic formwork.

Wood formwork does not only include plywood covered with film, but also ordinary plywood formwork without film paper and triple plywood,concrete from plywood as construction grade (also a formwork).
The term “three – ply” does not mean “three – ply”.
“Three-ply” is usually 2.7 to 3.6mm thick, while “three-ply (template)” can be up to 18mm thick.The use of three-ply board formwork is much less than that of plywood formwork.Bamboo and wood formwork is currently used in most projects, of which plywood formwork is used more than 50%.Bamboo plywood belongs to special high-grade template.If the project is very large, high quality requirements, full birch material with phenolic wbp 72 hours glue treatment plywood is also a good choice.But phenolic waterproof shuttering plywood costs more, but it is also stronger and more reusable.
The most widely used form, however, is plywood.It is not uncommon to see stacks of plywood formwork next to projects under construction in cities.
Now many small and medium-sized projects are using plywood templates without membrane paper.
High quality projects use water formwork — black or brown laminated plywood,please check shuttering plywood supplier near me for more detail information. and please click here request a quote if you need.