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What is melamine mdf?
The full name of melamine mdf board is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based board. It is to soak paper with different colors or textures in melamine resin adhesive, and then dry to a certain degree of curing. It is usually installed on particleboard, called melamine faced chipboard, abbreviated as MFC (melamine faced chipboard), and also can be installed on the surface of moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, by hot pressing. In the production process, it is generally composed of several layers of paper, and the number depends on the purpose. This kind of board originally used to make office furniture such as computer desks. Most of them are monochrome boards. With the popularity of board furniture in the family, it has gradually become the preferred manufacturing material for furniture factories. The surface color and pattern are also better.
“Melamine” is one of the resin adhesives used in the manufacture of such boards. Paper with different colors or textures is soaked in the resin, dried to a certain degree of curing, and then paved on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, formed by hot pressing.

The composition of melamine mdf
Generally, it is composed of surface paper, decorative paper, cover paper and bottom paper.

The advantages and disadvantages of melamine mdf
The advantages of this kind of mdf board: smooth surface, not easy to deform because of the same expansion coefficient on both sides of the board, bright color, relatively wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant surface, with economical price.
The edge is easy to collapse, and the edge can not be directly sealed.

Melamine mdf thickness
The difference in the melamine mdf board thickness affects change of melamine mdf price. The thickness of melamine board in store is: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm. Generally speaking, the larger the thickness of melamine board, the higher the price, except in special circumstances.

Environmental grade of melamine board
There are three international environmental protection grades for melamine board, which are E0, E1, and E2. It is determined according to the amount of formaldehyde released by the board. The E0 grade has low formaldehyde emission, which is safest and most environmentally friendly, so that this grade has the highest price.

The base material of the melamine board is different, the price will be different
The base material of melamine mdf is different, and the cost of different base materials is different. Generally, base materials are solid wood board, particle board, mdf board, moisture-proof board, fireproof board and so on.

Melamine mdf price
Timber material refers to the wood raw materials used to make the base material, which basically include maple, cherry, apple, oak, teak, walnut, ash, elm and other woods. The price of wood itself some is high or some is low, so the cost of the base material will be different, so the price of melamine board will change.

Maintenance of melamine board
If the veneer is cracked or damaged, it can be repaired by the following methods: first put a damp cloth on the damaged area, and then put a hot iron on the wet cloth to force the moisture into the veneer, so that the veneer becomes very flexible and durable. Not easy to break. In this way, the old glue can be scraped off first, then a layer of milky white glue can be applied on the base wood, and then a new layer of glue can be applied on the reverse side of the loose veneer to be compacted, wait the glue completely dried.

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