Formwork plywood is a temporary structure in building.

Building plywood is a temporary structure, it is made according to the design requirements, so that the concrete structure, components according to the specified position, geometric size shape, maintain its correct position, and bear the weight of building plywood and the load on it.
The purpose of shuttering plywood wickes engineering is to prove the quality of concrete engineering and construction safety, speed up the construction progress and reduce the cost of the project.
Film-covered plywood is a kind of plywood for construction,sometimes on frame boat building. The template is made of high-quality pine, eucalyptus and other boards, and the surface is treated with water-resistant phenolic resin impregnated paper. The surface of the concrete poured by the template is smooth and named “film-covered plywood”.
Mainly suitable for high-rise buildings, shear wall, vertical wall panels and DAMS, tunnels and overpasses, arch Bridges should use best shuttering plywood, beams and columns and other building templates.

The commonly used ordinary building plywood pouring concrete members as long as it can meet the stiffness (section size and no deformation after caculate 18mm shuttering plywood price for concrete) and flatness stipulated in the code, and then the surface also needs plastering decoration, etc., it is mostly used for civil buildings and industrial buildings with certain requirements;

In addition to the stiffness (section size and deformation after inquiry 9mm film faced shuttering plywood price for concrete) and flatness stipulated in the specification, the surface of film-covered plywood should not be plastering. It is mostly used in industrial plant building and general industrial building.

Their main distinction depends on the craft that the template makes according to above and whether the surface after pouring build concrete still needs plastering and adornment decorate and building use requirement to differ, do not have very big distinction on using material,used shuttering ply for sale,find concrete form plywood suppliers near me. Request a quote