Melamine board is what material melamine board and particle board difference.

Melamine board

  • Modern decoration projects to use a variety of plates, especially timbercity melamine boards is more common.
  • But some owners will compare it with other mdf coated with white laminate, so as to choose a more suitable material for home decoration.
  • The following xiaobian will give you specific knowledge related to cheap melamine boards, mainly including what is the material of cabinet melamine sheets, gloss white melamine sheets and particle board difference and melamine board and density board which three aspects of the content.
  • directory
  • • 1, what is the material of melamine laminated mdf board
  • • 2, 6mm melamine mdf and particle board difference
  • • 3, 5mm melamine board and density board which good
  • 1.Melamine board is what material
  • Bunnings white melamine sheets substrate is particleboard and MDF, by substrate and surface bonding, surface veneer mainly has two types of domestic and imported.
  • Short for pre drilled mdf panels is three melamine plate, full name is the melamine-impregnated paper veneer plywood, it is with different color or texture of paper soaked in the melamine resin adhesive, to a certain degree of curing and drying, and then the shop is in particieboard, moistureproof board, MDF, plywood, joinery board, laminated surface or other hardboard,
  • Decorative board formed 18mm melamine faced mdf board grey by hot pressing.
  • Generally speaking, the main material of melamine sheets suppliers produce particleboard, MDF and multilayer board.
  • 2. Melamine board and particle board difference
  • Particle board is a kind of particleboard, the inner layer is relatively coarse granular, it is a new, high-grade environmental protection base material, is made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials, the use of fine wood fiber on both sides, sandwiched between the long wood fiber, after the application of adhesive under the action of heat and pressure of the wood-based board.
  • Black melamine sheets suppliers make this kind of plate has the characteristics of sound insulation, mildew proof, economy and heat preservation. It is used for base material in decoration.
  • And white faced mdf board is plate panel material, can be used in particleboard, density board and other plate surface, has the characteristics of wear resistance, collision resistance.
  • In addition, the surface of the price melamine sheets is like brushing paint, which is ordered back from the plate factory.
  • Other panels, 6mm melamine board,such as grain boards, need to be painted later.
  • 3.White mdf edging tape and density board which good melamine faced mdf 18mm is in fact in the particleboard outside a layer of melamine paper, it refers to a variety of substrate surface covered with melamine surface layer, which also includes the substrate density board.
  • Now most of the mfc particle board refers to particleboard as a substrate.
  • If melamine board alone, then particleboard substrate is better, its advantage is to retain more log fiber, good mechanical properties;
  • The advantage of hmr melamine board is finer than particleboard, the fiber is fine and short, but after a surface can not see the advantage.
  • In addition, the gripping force of the cheap melamine sheets is worse.
  • In short, “melamine board and density board which good” this problem and there is no clear answer, because these two have their own advantages and disadvantages, mainly to see the decoration of their own choice.

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