How to distinguish 3-ply board and multilayer board?

1. Thickness difference
Three layers of solid wood composite surface layer is at least 3 millimeters thick, multi-layer is basically 0.6-1.5 millimeters thick, three layers of the surface layer can be equal to up to five times the surface layer of multi-layer flooring.In the home industry there is such a phrase “one into the board three into the material”, that is hardwood plywood, we see the finished product of something, such as a piece of furniture weighing one hundred pounds, then he consumed raw materials wood is likely to be three hundred pounds.

The slight difference in the finished product is reflected in the raw material is a big difference. To the first wisdom three layers of solid wood, for example, made of finished flooring surface layer is 3 mm – 4 mm thick, looks a little more than the surface layer of multi-layer, but as the basic raw materials, the consumption of raw materials to more, and the response to the value of the product is more value.The difference between the thickness of the two products, you can say for sure, three layers of solid wood composite surface layer at least 50% thicker than the multi-layer solid wood composite surface layer. Up to 5 times thicker difference.plywood near me.

2. Process difference
Process difference is more professional, three layers of solid wood composite flooring surface layer due to at least 3 thick so are sawn material, and multi-layer walnut plywood.

Solid wood composite flooring surface layer is basically rotary cut material. The so-called sawn material (three layers), refers to the logs cut vertically, the characteristics of sawn material usually thickness to be more than 2 mm, will not change the original form of wood.oak plywood.

The so-called rotary cut lumber (multi-layer), also known as planed lumber, is a more figurative metaphor, like peeling an apple in the same way, rotating the cut wood, the initial form of the cut is like the skin of the apple is not flat, after processing flattening.

The characteristic of rotary cut lumber is that the thickness of the cut lumber is very thin, between 0.6 and 2 mm, and the yield is very high.Rotary cut lumber has a high yield but destroys the internal structure of the wood and is unstable. The sawn wood is more stable and less prone to tearing than the rotary cut wood, although the loss is high, so from this perspective the cost of the two different processes is different and the value is very different.

3. About the core material
The core material of three-layer solid wood composite is sawn out of the whole board, on the one hand, there are requirements for the age of the tree, while the veneer needs to do permaculture treatment. Multi-layer solid wood composite is miscellaneous board glued, there is no requirement for wood, from this point of view there is a big difference in cost.

At the same time, the three layers of the core material have expansion joints, processing is more complex, but from the structure to ensure that the core material will not produce a lot of deformation, even in the floor heating environment, there is no problem, stability will be better than 9mm plywood.

4. About locking
Three layers of solid wood composite can be made into a locking structure, multi-layer can only be made into a flat buckle structure. Doing locking is a tight connection without stripping seams.

The important thing is to install without glue more environmentally friendly. Locking on the one hand, the loss of raw materials, on the other hand, the process and equipment requirements are high.

So only some of the larger brands and factories can do a better job, this aspect of the brand such as the first wisdom, do more mature. So just a latch in the production cost than the multi-layer flat mouth to say a lot higher. At present, the imported high-end three-layer solid wood laminate flooring are locking.

Underfloor heating environment, locking is particularly important, one is the lock mouth installation without gluing more healthy and environmentally friendly; the second point we should pay special attention to is that once the floor heating any problems, then the first step of the floor heating repair company requires you to do is to disassemble the floor to do the test, if it is a three-layer solid wood locking type floor because no gluing treatment, so your floor can be repeatedly disassembled without damaging the interface of the floor. Therefore, it is suggested that underfloor heating families try to choose locking type flooring when choosing maple plywood flooring.

5. About environmental friendliness
The difference between three-layer solid wood laminate flooring and multi-layer solid wood laminate flooring in terms of cost and characteristics. There is also a very important point of difference in the use of these two products is the environmental characteristics, from the point of view of our family decoration, health and safety is the most important, so this point I deliberately take out at the end. Flooring this decoration material to bring the greatest harm to the human body is formaldehyde, the source of formaldehyde is mainly glue, then the amount of glue contained in the floor is the key issue.

Three layers of solid wood composite flooring and multi-layer solid wood composite flooring from the structure to compare, three layers we all know only 3 layers of composite in together, multi-layer is generally 11 layers or 9 layers laminated together.To give a simple and easy to understand example: 3 layers laminated together, then need to apply glue on both sides. If 11 layers are laminated together, at least ten sides need to be glued.From this ratio, it is easy to see that the three-layer solid wood laminate flooring contains less glue and is more environmentally friendly. And the first wisdom of the three-layer solid wood selection of glue is more environmentally friendly, so the safety is higher. In the installation of this link also has the environmental protection of the difference, two products a can not glue, a need to glue, the main difference is the interface. Three layers of solid wood composite flooring can be made into a lock connection, in the installation of completely free of glue installation; and multi-layer solid wood composite is a flat connection, in the installation of the need to glue installation. From this point we understand that the three layers not only contain less glue, and the use of glue is not, compared to multi-layer, three layers of solid wood composite not only in the glue content and installation processing are more healthy and environmentally friendly.

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