18mm shuttering plywood sheets formwork support installation should comply with those provisions?

18mm shuttering plywood sheets support installation should comply with the following provisions:

1), according to the design of the 18mm shuttering ply price in order to ensure the overall stability of the formwork system;

2), film faced shuttering plywood price accessories must be installed and inserted firmly. The support surface of the support and diagonal support should be flat and solid, and there should be enough pressure area.

3), pre-buried parts used shuttering ply for sale and reserved holes must be accurately positioned and firmly installed;

4), the grass-roots formwork must be firmly supported to prevent deformation, the waterproof plywood for shuttering bottom of the oblique support of the side mold should be added to the pad;

5), the bottom surface of the wall and column formwork should be leveled, the lower end should be close to the pad level with the positioning benchmark made in advance, when the wall and column continue to install the formwork, the formwork should have a reliable support point, and its straightness should be corrected;

6), the 12mm shuttering plywood price floor formwork support formwork,the horizontal support and diagonal bracing of a frame should be completed first, and then gradually expanded outward to maintain the stability of the system;

7), pre-assembled strong template lifting in place,18mm shuttering ply wickes lower end should be padded, close to the positioning benchmark; both sides of the template should use diagonal bracing to adjust and fix its verticality;

8), the 18mm shuttering plywood price horizontal bracing and scissor bracing set by the pillar, should be arranged according to the structure and overall stability;

9), multi-layer support pillar, the upper and lower should be set in the same Vertical center line, on the lower floor should have the bearing capacity to withstand the load of the upper floor or shuttering plywood jewson. The column of the lower support should be laid with a mat.

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