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Advantages Of Using Anti Slip Plywood

Anti slip plywood is a very useful material in many applications. It is widely used in playgrounds, modular staging, boat building, theatre staging, storage systems, vehicular flooring, ramps, and climbing walls. It has a very good visual appearance, high wear resistance, and can resist most common chemicals. Moreover, it is environmental-friendly, making it a great choice for outdoor applications. So, what are the advantages of anti slip plywood?

Film faced plywood is extremely durable
Film faced anti slip plywood is made of high-quality timber. It has a water-repellent phenolic resin-impregnated paper surface, and this feature contributes to the product’s name. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, dams, vertical wall panels, formwork, tunnels, bridges, and other construction projects. It is lightweight and very durable. The film-faced surface can be easily painted.

Unlike conventional wood flooring, film faced anti slip plywood is made of two layers of phenolic film. It has extra good anti-slip properties thanks to the special hexagonal convex pattern that is applied on one side. This is the reason why it is popular in production environments, warehouses, playgrounds, and sports facilities. It is also highly resistant to moisture and corrosion. As an added benefit, film faced anti slip plywood is incredibly durable.

The film-faced anti slip plywood is easy to clean. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean with a cloth, and water won’t harm it. Despite being extremely durable, it does not require special finishing and can be used again. It can be used for a variety of applications, from outdoor playgrounds to playground structures, from playground equipment to furniture. And if you are looking for an attractive surface for your home, film faced anti slip plywood is the perfect material for your construction project.

Among other types of anti slip plywood, Metsa Wood is one that has a phenolic surface. Its surface is made with visible texturing and is formulated for wet environments. It is also used for truck and bus flooring. It is rare in the U.S. but is widely used for other furniture applications as well. And it outlasts other types of plywood. It is a very long-lasting and dependable surface material for construction projects.

It is lightweight
Designed with safety in mind, anti slip plywood 18mm is an innovative Australian-made solution. Its textured paint finish combines crushed glass with a phenolic film on one side for moisture protection. Anti-slip plywood is a locally manufactured product that features high strength F17 structural plywood certification. Its maximum slip resistance rating is P5 (V) under wet conditions and D1 under dry conditions. This feature makes anti-slip plywood ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications.

The process for manufacturing anti-slip plywood involves a multi-layer process. Each layer of plywood has different characteristics, which are important to consider when selecting a material. Generally, the more layers of plywood the stronger the board will be. Three-ply plywood is the most commonly used type for interior applications. Five-ply is used outdoors, but is not structurally strong enough to be used for building frames and roofs. Seven-ply plywood is used for roofing and framing, and has several advantages over five-ply.

Marine Plywood is also used extensively in the rail industry. Its lightweight properties make it an attractive option for external flooring. Plyterra Antislip Wire is a special type of non-slip birch plywood. It is impregnated with a resin made from phenol-formaldehyde. Both sides of the material have a wire mesh surface, ensuring maximum anti-slip protection.

It is chemical-resistant
Big River Anti Slip plywood has a special anti-slip surface on one side, and a phenolic film on the reverse. Crushed glass is embedded in the anti-slip surface to provide a non-skid surface. The product is produced using an A-bond glue line, and is available in a variety of sizes, including cut to size. The plywood is FSC(r) certified.

Traction ProGrip 900 is a hard-wearing, chemical-resistant surface coating for use on floors exposed to corrosive chemicals. Its high-performance bond means that it won’t be washed off during a high-pressure wash. This product is also suitable for use on barefoot-friendly surfaces, including truck floors, utility trailers, and loading areas. Its chemical-resistant properties make it a wise choice for flooring on a wide range of surfaces.

Unlike traditional wood, Plyterra Anti slip Hexa is a special brand of non-slip birch plywood with a smooth surface and hexagonal pattern on the other side. Because it is multi-layered, it can resist abrasion, and provide chemical-resistance. Because of its high-quality texture, it is also suited for small-scale architectural structures and interior design.

ROCPLEX Truck Anti slip Plywood is 100% birch plywood coated with a phenolic film. Its surface is resistant to chemicals and is UV and moisture-resistant. The plywood is suitable for construction, transport, and warehouse applications. Its phenolic film prevents moisture penetration, making it a durable choice for floors in many industries. And because of its high durability, it will maintain its anti-slip qualities for many years.

It has acrylic varnished edges
LOGIS GRIPS(r) ANTISLIPFLOOR is a type of anti-slip plywood that has been treated with an acrylic varnish to make it extra safe. The edges of this type of plywood are protected by a brown, waterproof polyurethane varnish to prevent the material from splintering or breaking. These materials are suitable for outdoor use, and are often used for stage equipment and shuttering boxes.

Film-faced plywood is ideal for outdoor applications because it is highly resistant to moisture, ultraviolet light, and other corrosive materials. Because of its extra layer of film, this type of plywood resists damage from water and can be re-used time again. Developers also prefer this type of plywood for its durability and strength. For this reason, Vietnam Plywood is the ideal choice for outdoor applications.

It is a rustic “warehouse” look
Phenolic plywood provides the look of a ‘warehouse’ and is used in some casual clothing stores and restaurants. This type of plywood is both practical and attractive, and does not require painting. Its rugged appearance also ensures that it will not get easily dented or scratched.

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