9 Construction of shuttering plywood should pay attention to those safety requirements?

The safety requirements of greenply shuttering plywood formwork construction are:

1. When installing and dismantling the pre-assembled block 9mm shuttering ply formwork, two lifting points should be used for vertical lifting, and four lifting points should be used for horizontal lifting. Installation should be on the side for, while correction and installation of the connection. Only after the connection is firm can the hook be removed. When lifting scattered 12mm shuttering ply wickes, the black shuttering plywood formwork should be put in the cage to prevent falling and injuring people;

2、No open fire welding and cutting work should be done in the shuttering ply for sale stacking site and construction site. If welding and cutting must be carried out, there should be reliable fire-fighting measures;

3、When pouring ply construction, there should be someone to look after the formwork. If the formwork tilts, displacement, local bulging, running mold, should take timely tightening measures before continuing construction;

4, demolition of the mold, 18mm shuttering ply near me,should be dismantled piece by piece, not piece pry down or pull down. The dismantled plywood shuttering sheets, accessories, is strictly prohibited to throw, to have a person to pass, according to the designated place stacked.

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