Methods of protection of formwork plywood for building.

We do not pay attention to the protection of the building laminating board, will cause the damage of the building formwork plywood to cause harm to our use, we need to protect it is very important, the following by xiaobian for you to introduce the protection of the building laminating board method!

  1. When supporting the ring beam formwork plywood on the brick wall, prevent bumping the top leather brick and protect the steel bar from disturbance.
  2. after the template plywood, should keep the mold clean, prevent falling into bricks, stones, wood chips and other sundries.
  3. structural column at the outer wall brick extrusion drum deformation: support formwork plywood should take reinforcement measures on the outer wall.
  4. ring beam template plywood expansion: ring beam template plywood support is not tight, support is not firm, template plywood upper pull rod is broken or not nailed firmly. No one fixed the formwork plywood when the concrete was poured.
  5. concrete flow fall: formwork plywood plate seam is too large to use fiberboard, wooden slats, etc.