Plywood and specifications for common building forms

CUZI building formwork plywood

Building form plywood what is plywood? What is it used for? What to rely on to support and finalize the concrete pouring after forming? That’s plywood. Building formwork plywood is generally divided into building formwork plywood, building wood glue board, double panels, steel formwork plywood, etc. Now we will have an in-depth understanding of building formwork plywood and building formwork plywood size specifications.

Building formwork plywood – Introduction

At present, most buildings are made of reinforced concrete. The formwork plywood is an important construction tool of this structure. Accounting for almost 20% ~ 30% of the total construction cost. The use of formwork plywood is directly related to the quality and benefit of the whole project, including the cost of the project construction. To promote the development of a project, we have to start with formwork plywood.

Wood building formwork plywood

The building formwork plywood belongs to an artificial building formwork plywood. We are more commonly used wood building template plywood plywood, plywood and so on. Wood building formwork plywood can be pressed successfully under heating or not. The number of layers more odd less even, hard texture, normal structure.

Modern building formwork plywood

There is a kind of combined steel formwork plywood in modern building formwork plywood, which is easy to disassemble and assemble and easy to control. This is a very versatile plywood for building formwork. This kind “with steel generation wood” new-style template plywood is used many times is the most outstanding have a bit. Building formwork plywood needs to bear various loads in the construction process, which is of great significance.

Plywood building formwork plywood
Plywood building formwork plywood mainly consists of wood plywood and bamboo plywood. Wood plywood is characterized by light weight and large area. It is easy to process and turn over many times. Bamboo plywood is better than wood in strength, stiffness and hardness. And not easy to deformation, that is, after damp.

Building formwork plywood specification

The size of plywood used for building formwork plywood is about 915mm and 1200mm in width, about 1800mm and 2400mm in length, and about 11 ~ 18mm in thickness. The common plywood specifications of building formwork plywood in China are:

Specifications: 183091511 (mm) Specifications: 183091512 (mm) Specifications: 183091513 (mm) Specifications: 183091514 (mm) Common specifications: 183091515 (mm) Common specifications: 183091516 (mm) Specifications: 183091517 (mm) Specifications: 183091518 (mm)

Specifications: 122024411 (mm) Specifications: 122024412 (mm) Specifications: 122024413 (mm) Specifications: 122024414 (mm) Specifications: 122024415 (mm) Common specifications: 122024416 (mm) Specifications: 122024417 (mm) Specifications: 122024418 (mm)

Wood building formwork plywood is mainly assembled on site. The thickness of the strip is generally 25 ~ 50mm, and the width should not exceed 200m m, so as to ensure the uniformity of the gap when drying shrinkage. As the load increases, the building formwork plywood also needs to be strengthened.

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