What is climbing construction formwork of black shuttering plywood?

Climbing construction formwork of black shuttering plywood is a formwork process suitable for the construction of vertical or inclined structures of shuttering ply for sale,existing reinforced concrete, such as walls, bridges, towers and columns. It can be divided into “climbing formwork with frame” (i.e. formwork climbing frame, frame climbing formwork) and climbing formwork without frame (and formwork climbing formwork) two kinds 18mm shuttering ply near me

Construction formwork construction plywood shuttering sheets records


1)The ply for shuttering operator must hang and fasten the safety belt when dismantling the construction formwork.

2)The relevant scaffolding must be erected before supporting the construction formwork (see the scaffolding plan and related plan of this project, relevant safety operation procedures, etc.).

3)No scaffolding is allowed to be dismantled before demolition of wall formwork,century shuttering plywood when demolishing with tower crane, cooperate with heavy lifters; demolish the top plywood shuttering board before delineating the safety area and safety channel, close the non-safety channel with steel pipe and safety net, hang the safety sign of “No M Passage”, operators are not allowed to be in this area,waterproof shuttering plywood 12mm they must operate on the operation frame with a springboard.

(4) When construction shuttering plywood stacking steel formwork, make the formwork inclined downward by 30°, and do not stack the formwork on the construction layer to prevent the formwork from overturning under the wind load.

5)The large cost of shuttering ply formwork stacking site must be hardened, level and enclosed, and the selco shuttering ply corner moulds are placed on a small enclosing frame. After installation in place, to take measures to prevent electric shock protection, the ply shuttering concrete large template will be connected in series and connected with the lightning network to prevent leakage injuries.

(6) Before pouring concrete shuttering ply, check whether the support is reliable and whether the fasteners are loose for ply board shuttering. C pouring concrete must be set up by the formwork support team to watch the mold, at any time to check whether the support is deformed, loose, and organize timely restoration.

(7) Shuttering ply waterproof working machinery must strictly use the inverted switch and best shuttering plywood special switch box, the primary line must not exceed 3m, the shell connected to the protective zero line, and well insulated. Chainsaw and electric planer must be connected with leakage protector, saw blade must not have cracks (check before use, check at any time in use); and 9mm shuttering plywood chainsaw must have a belt guard, saw blade guard, divider and hand guard device. The use of woodworking multi-purpose machinery is strictly prohibited at the same time the use of chainsaw and electric planer;18mm shuttering ply price use of woodworking machinery is strictly prohibited to wear gloves; length less than 50cm or thickness greater than the radius of the saw blade of the wood is strictly prohibited to use chainsaw; two people building operation with each other, shall not pull hard; machinery out of use when the power off and lock.

(8) when film faced shuttering plywood price is good using the tower crane to lift the template, must be directed by the heavy industry, strictly comply with the relevant safety operating procedures.

Formwork used shuttering ply for sale installation in place before the need to have cable pull, to prevent the template rotation is not good to hit people; vertical lifting must take more than two lifting points, and must use the card ring lifting. It is not allowed to lift two pieces of formwork at one time.

(9) When waterproof plywood for shuttering work is carried out in the elevator room, a safety protection platform must be set up layer by layer. Because the side force of concrete is affected by both temperature and pouring speed, 12mm shuttering plywood price is cheaper so when the construction temperature is high in summer, the pouring speed of concrete can be increased appropriately, and the pouring speed of concrete should be reduced appropriately in autumn and winter when the construction temperature decreases. 18mm shuttering plywood price is higher when medium T=15℃, the concrete pouring speed is not greater than.

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