What Is Solid Wood? Why Solid Wood Is The Better Choice?

Many people come into our store wondering the difference between MDF vs solid wood. People usually think solid wood is the better choice. First, you can always build with solid wood. This is a good choice if it’s something you want to stain, or want the real wood look.

Solid wood products are single pieces of kiln-dried timber that are cut from trees and subsequently milled into planks. which refers to hardwood plywood near me from trees and these structures don’t have hollow spaces unlike other forms of engineered wood.Solid wood is favoured in the manufacturing of high-end furniture as plywood planks is the most durable among the types of wood.We regularly find solid wood products in all kinds of home hardwood ply furniture, solid flooring, and exterior cladding.

However, wood contracts or expands when it is exposed to changing heat and humidity. Round plywood will expand or contract and may split along the grain of the wood. Unless your home is a controlled climate, cabinets made from wood can shrink or crack over time. To prevent splitting, it is important to avoid exposing solid wood furniture to strong sunlight or direct heat sources.When solid wood furniture is exposed to extreme atmospheric conditions, Sometimes furniture is constructed using a floating case system, in which table and case-piece surfaces are attached using brackets or elongated holes for screws to slide. This enables furniture to respond to environmental changes without damage.

Of course, solid wood, like anything has its pros and cons. The benefits of solid wood: it’s strong, sturdy, and features a beautiful natural look to it with grain patterns. Each species of wood is different and some have longer longevity than others.Solid wood furniture is durable, recyclable birch plywood price. and easy to repair. Stains?Scratches? Dents? Water marks? Sand it down and re-finish it. It’s all repairable. Obviously, the worse the damage, the more expensive it will be to repair. But it will be easier and less expensive than veneer furniture.

Solid wood has a few shortcomings, its high price, susceptibility to environmental changes. Solid wood isn’t very flexible, although teak is considered to be one of the more flexible hardwoods in carpentry, the thicker 30mm plywood the wooden plank, the harder it is to bend. It takes a lot of time to shape the wood with soft curves for comfort and achieve a precise curvature.It also requires some maintenance becuasue vulnerable to pests.

Solid wood is essential to the construction of our furniture ,fares the best in terms of durability as strength and is also highly repairable in most situations . Most furniture such as flooring, bed frames,
wardrobe and sofas can be made using solid wood.

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