6 Waterproof shuttering plywood formwork for concrete should be prepared before installation?

Waterproof shuttering plywood should be done before installation:

1), to the construction team to do a good work of construction briefing shuttering plywood near me, and make a sample, approved by the supervisor and relevant personnel, in a large area;

2), waterproof shuttering plywood price is good to support the pillar of the soil ground, should be tamped and leveled in advance, and do a good job of waterproofing, drainage settings, prepare the pillar ground mat;

3), vertical shuttering plywood b&q installation of the bottom surface should be smooth and solid, and take reliable positioning measures, according to the requirements of the shuttering plywood wickes for construction organization design pre-buried Support anchorages;

4), the best shuttering plywood should be painted with release agent.

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