What are the advantages of building laminated formwork price of shuttering plywood?

What are the advantages of building laminated formwork price of shuttering plywood? Laminated shuttering ply waterproof is a layer of waterproof film covering the upper and lower sides of the building formwork, glued by phenolic resin glue smooth phenolic plywood, bonded by hot pressing, can be professionally used for building concrete structure forming plywood phenolic film, is the preferred material for building high-rise buildings, so what are the advantages of laminated panels? Here is a brief introduction.

What are the advantages of construction laminated formwork?

Large width: the maximum width of 1830*3660mm, 2440*1220mm, 915*1830mm, reduce the number of joints,anti slip phenolic plywood improve the efficiency of mold support. No warping, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, high turnover. Easy to demould, only 1/7 of steel mould.

Light weight: ply board for shuttering easier to use in high-rise building and bridge construction.

Many times of use: ply on frame boat building can be used more than 12 times repeatedly under the correct storage and use.

Concrete pouring: smooth and beautiful surface of the poured object, minus the second plastering process of the wall, can be directly decorated with veneer to reduce the construction time by 30%.

Corrosion resistance: does not pollute the surface of concrete.

Good thermal insulation: good for winter construction, can do variable curved plane formwork.

Good construction performance: types of plywood for construction nailing, sawing, drilling and other performance is better than bamboo plywood, small steel plate, can be processed into various shapes of the formwork according to the construction needs

Cuzi Wood Industry Processing Factory was established in 2003. The company is a collection of construction template production, sales as one of the aggregate size enterprises. The main products of the company are red board, phenolic mirror board, laminated board, multiple types of multi-specification series of construction formwork.

In the quality of the brown film faced plywood template, ply shuttering concrete strives for excellence, formwork plywood price raw materials selected Dabie Mountain Horsetail pine. Products through the process of ” cost of shuttering ply fine work the use of advanced hot pressing equipment high temperature and high pressure pressed. The construction shuttering plywood products have high strength, good toughness,waterproof shuttering plywood 12mm static bending strength is several times of wood; at the same time, the factory introduced the glue production process of the European Union to produce glue, compared with similar products,plywood used for formwork has the advantages of high flatness, smooth and easy to release, high turnover, no deformation, high construction efficiency, strong water resistance, boiled for several hours without opening glue, etc., types of plywood for formwork commonly used in high-rise buildings, viaducts, large interchanges, tunnels and beams and columns with plates.Cuzi Industry has always been adhering to the corporate motto of “Honest People, Practical Work, Careful Board”, the corporate philosophy of “Pragmatic Cooperation, Innovative Development”, and the management mode of “Standardization and Humanization”. And the strict implementation of 5S management (organization, tidying, cleaning, cleanliness, literacy), the work site clean, strict management, standardized operation, customer service to the sincere and thoughtful.

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