Plywood quality standard of Cuzi Industry

Plywood quality standard of Cuzi Industry

I.Quality defects and testing standards of plywood

  1. Layering/bubbling: not allowed.
  2. side and corner defects: thickness ≤10MM is not allowed.
  3. oil pollution: not allowed.
  4. Core plate stacking away: not allowed.
  5. warping degree: should not be greater than 1.0mm /M.
  6. Both sides should be flat and smooth, no peeling and concave and convex phenomenon is allowed.
  7. the surface of the veneer is not allowed to have blue spots.
  8. the veneer shall not pressure, the surface is not allowed to have a dead joint.
  9. Seams between core plates of the same layer shall not exceed 1 mm.
  10. there are no impurities in the veneer, each layer of veneer should be flat, no overlap is allowed.
  11. The jigsaw is not allowed to be separated from the seam.
  12. Cracks are not allowed between interlayers, and veneer peeling and cracking are not allowed on the front and back sides of the board.

II.The specification size and deviation

1. Thickness deviation :0 ~ + 0.2mm.

2. Width: 1220MM, 915, deviation is ± 1.0mm.

3. Length: 2440,1830, deviation is ± 2.0mm.

4. Diagonal: The tolerance of the two diagonal lines is less than 3.0mm.

5 edge straightness: ± 1.5mm /M. Iv. Moisture content: 6-8%.

6, formaldehyde content: dry container method is used to detect less than 1.5mg/L(E1).

7, strength: adhesive strength is greater than 0.7mpa. Gripping force: the edge of the plate is greater than 800N, and the surface is greater than 1000N.

8. Inspection Procedure 1. When the qualified rate reaches 95%, 10% will be selected for re-inspection. When the qualified rate reaches 95% twice, the whole batch will be regarded as qualified. Otherwise, the whole batch of goods will be regarded as unqualified and returned. Check the bonding strength whenever necessary.

9. Measurement method

Polyurethane composite board on cuzi building materials, can be customized length.

III.Advertising polyurethane composite board, strong bending capacity, less dependence on auxiliary steel structure. Good thermal insulation performance.

1. Thickness: measure the average value of eight points of the four edges of the plate 25MM inward and the four edges of the plate 25MM outward.

2. Length and width: accurate to 1MM.

3. Diagonal length measurement: the difference between two diagonals, accurate to 1MM.

4. Warping measurement: measure string height, accurate to 0.5mm.

IV. Measuring instrument

1. Micrometer

2. Steel tape Note: The quality standard of three-layer board is the same as above.

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