Advantages and disadvantages of oak plywood and its true and false identification skills

Oak is hemp oak, belonging to the Beech family, with a yellowish-brown to reddish-brown center, obvious growth rings, slightly wavy, heavy and hard. It is mainly produced in Europe and North America, and is currently produced in large quantities in Russia and the United States.

oak wood

On the market, oak is roughly divided into two categories: red oak and white oak, but red oak is not red and white oak is not white, and the color distinction is not very obvious. There is a filling body in the hole of the white oak pipe, which makes white oak widely used in wine barrels abroad. It is a world-famous oak barrel material. High-quality oak wood produced in China is rare, and high-quality oak still needs to be imported from abroad.
Advantages of oak plywood:
1) It has a relatively distinct mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture:
2) The texture is firm, the structure of the finished product is firm, and the service life is long:
2) High grade, suitable for making European-style furniture
Disadvantages of oak plywood:
1) There are relatively few high-quality tree species. At present, most of them are imported from Russia and the United States, and some are imported from Turkey, Austria, Germany and Canada. There are also many other regions in Europe and America, but the import volume is very small.
2) Usually imported oak plywoods have been strictly dried abroad and have good stability. Some manufacturers also import logs directly from abroad and cut and dry them by themselves. At present, the stability of oak furniture made by many professional manufacturers of oak furniture in China is very high. However, due to the hard texture of oak, it is difficult to remove the water. Furniture made without water may begin to deform or shrink and crack after a year or a half.
3) The phenomenon of replacing oak with rubber wood in the market is widespread. If the customer’s professional knowledge is insufficient, it will directly affect the interests of consumers.

Oak is widely used for decoration and furniture, because of its excellent material properties: oak is heavy and hard, straight in texture, rough in structure, elegant in color and beautiful in texture, quite high in mechanical strength, and wear-resistant, but wood is not easy to dry, sawing and cutting. Oak is widely used in decoration materials, furniture materials, sports equipment, shipbuilding materials, and vehicle materials. Flooring etc. Slices of white oak and red oak are also ideal materials for the production of plywood. The pattern also has the difference between straight grain and horizontal grain. The straight grain is better, and the price is slightly more expensive.
Due to the high status of red oak and white oak imported from the United States, which are as high as 10,000 yuan per cubic meter, some operators have been speculative, and rubber wood has been sold in the market. The thing called oak, the rubber wood sofa is called oak sofa, and as a result, the consumer went to court and was compensated. Rubberwood belongs to Euphorbiaceae, and is the aged wood of rubber trees that produce rubber. The material itself is poor, but after a certain chemical process, the wood hardens and can also be used as furniture, but after all, it is not the same species as oak, and not at the same level at all.

How to identify real and fake oak:
When identifying the quality of oak and the difference between oak furniture and counterfeit oak furniture, you need to master the following six points:

1.Whether the wood is fine and clean
Oak wood is thicker, and if it is to be made into furniture, it should be painted in a dark color. Therefore, friends must be careful when buying dark-painted oak furniture. It’s a good idea to look closely at the wood that isn’t painted with dark woods (such as the interior or bottom of the furniture). As for the miscellaneous wood furniture, it does not have the unique sense of cleanliness of oak furniture.
2.Whether the wood grain is clear and beautiful
Oak furniture has a unique wood grain. The clearer the wood grain, the higher the value. As for the aesthetics, it is related to the aesthetics and aesthetic level of the buyers. But one thing is certain, just like Yuhua stone, the pattern and “pictographic” of the natural patterns on the surface are as strong as possible. Patterns are the same as the world. The closer to the real facts, the higher the value. The miscellaneous wood furniture does not have the unique pattern of oak furniture.
3.Is the wood color pure?
It is best to choose the “natural color type” for oak furniture, because this production method can best reflect the characteristics of the oak base color. The surface coating should not change or disguise the true color of the wood. In this way, it is easier to identify whether the material used for furniture is real oak, and at present, it is also the highest collection value of the natural color type in the world. There are many oak furniture on the market that are of poor quality, which will undoubtedly reduce their collection value. Inferior products are mostly impure wood color, and even mottled, black spots.
4.Is the wood dry?
Because the oak texture is particularly hard and heavy, it is difficult to remove the water after the tree is felled. Many furniture dealers are eager to make a profit. When the wood is not dry, they will make furniture, and the furniture made of wood that has not been dehydrated will not begin to deform after a year and a half. At this time, consumers have to Compensation for damages may be more difficult.
5.Is the wood straight?
During the dehydration process, oak is easy to “distort”, so after dehydration, many oaks are no longer suitable for use as furniture materials due to bending deformation. However, because oak wood is more expensive, many manufacturers still use this deformed wood to make furniture. Some manufacturers, in order to increase the weight of southern hardwood, so as to fake oak, deliberately do not dry the moisture in the hardwood. Dry, if consumers buy furniture made of this wood, the loss will be even greater.
6.Is the weight heavy?
The weight of oak furniture is quite heavy, the heavier the better when the wood is dry.

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