8 What matters should be noted when removing the construction best quality shuttering ply board?

1, the construction cheap shuttering ply should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the plate design, follow the first support after demolition,shuttering plywood sheets first non-load-bearing parts, after the load-bearing parts and the top-down principle. Demolition, forbid the use of sledgehammer and crowbar hard smash hard pry;

2, first remove the side mold, in the removal of load-bearing mold,best quality shuttering plywood;

3, the combination of large size shuttering plywood formwork should be removed as a whole;

4, the support and connection should be disassembled piece by piece,shuttering ply 12mm price the template should be disassembled and passed piece by piece, forbidden to throw overhead, demolition shall not damage the formwork and concrete;

5, film faced18mm shuttering ply b&q the template removal should pay attention to construction safety, strict construction safety requirements and the requirements of the formwork construction program for safety protection .

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