Wood grain melamine sheets small knowlege.

Wood grain melamine mdf sheets

Triamine board, known as melamine resin impregnated paper veneer wood-based board, the surface has certain wear resistance, heat resistance, pollution resistance, easy to clean and other properties, is widely used in office and civil furniture, vehicle manufacturing, construction,shipbuilding, interior decoration and other materials industry.It is also called a one-time plate.
Chinese name triamine plate water resistant melamine board
Type composite melamine resin impregnated paper veneer wood-based panel office and civil furniture, etc

• 1 Product Overview
• 2 Product features
• 3 Advantages and disadvantages of products
• 4 Product safety issues
• 5 Product maintenance

1. Product Overview

The editor triamine plate that is 10mm white melamine board, also known as double panel, also known as a molding board.
Its base material also is melamine mdf panels particleboard or density board, by base material and surface agglutinate and become, the surface sticks a face to basically have homemade and those who enter to taste two kinds, because it is to pass fire prevention, fight wear, waterproof soak processing, use effect is similar to compound wood floor.
Finsa melamine faced mdf is not a new product, fancy name does not represent the product fresh.
This kind of plank is produced in home already, it is to use to do office furniture such as computer desk at first, it is monochrome board more, as the popularity of wholesale melamine board type furniture in the family, it becomes the manufacture material of first selection of each furniture factory gradually, surface colour and decorative pattern are more also.
At present the board type furniture on the market uses import and homebred two kinds of 4×8 white mdf board.
“Melamine” is one of the melamine mdf board suppliers manufacturing this kind of resin adhesive, with different color or texture of paper in the resin after soaking, dry to a certain degree of curing, the shop outfit is in particieboard, medium density beaverboard or hardboard surface, by hot pressing,9mm melamine faced mdf specification is the name of melamine veneer plywood, melamine-impregnated paper,Calling it a melamine board is actually telling part of its finishing ingredients.

2 .Product Features

The editor,high gloss white 18mm mdf makes the furniture looks strong, with colour or imitation wood grain of the paper itself is fragile, the melamine plate after soaking in the transparent resin film formed by the paper is much hard, this kind of film and substrate has a good performance after hot pressing into one, don’t have to be painted, the furniture with its also.the natural formation on the surface of protective film,Abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hot resistance, pollution resistance.
When choosing furniture of this kind of board type, besides colour and grain are satisfied, still can discern exterior quality from a few respects.
There is no stain, scratch, indentation, pore, color luster is uniform, there is no bubbling phenomenon, there is no local paper tear or defect phenomenon.

3.Advantages and disadvantages.

The editor,The full name of melamine skirting boards is melamine impregnated adhesive paper veneer wood-based board. It is made of paper with different colors or textures soaked in melamine resin adhesive, then dried to a certain degree of curing, and laid on the surface of particleboard, MEDIUM density fiberboard or hard fiberboard by hot pressing.
Advantages: smooth surface, because the plate double-sided expansion coefficient is the same and not easy to deformation, bright color, more wear-resistant surface, corrosion resistance, economic price.
Domestic production of melamine decorative door panels to dew river board as a representative melamine sheets mitre 10, the indicators have reached international standards.
Disadvantages: low grade,edge easy to collapse, glue trace is more obvious, less color, can not gongs flower can only straight edge sealing.

4. Product safety issues

The editor,Melamine itself toxicity is very small, relatively stable, after curing will not free toxicity.
Production of furniture melamine skirting boards on the air pollution depends on the melamine board used in the medium density board or particleboard substrate, if the substrate formaldehyde emissions meet environmental standards, melamine is not aggravating material pollution, “high gloss white 18mm mdf without any smell,what produce odour is the material such as formaldehyde that the density board of inferior quality, coating uses adhesive or additive to send out.

5. Product maintenance

The editor,melamine is found not only in furniture, but also in cement plasticizers, decorative panels, coatings and paints used in decoration.
Generally speaking,oak melamine sheets veneer is extremely wear-resistant, scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant, generally without special maintenance.
But there is a point to be noted, that is, melamine in use do not be soaked in water for a long time, so as not to crack the sealing edge.
If the veneer cracks or is damaged, you can use the following methods to repair: first put a wet cloth in the damaged area, and then put a hot iron on the wet cloth, forcing the moisture into the veneer, so that the veneer becomes very resilient and not easy to break.
So you can scrape the old glue clean first, and then apply a layer of milky white glue on the base wood, and then apply a layer of new glue, compaction, to be completely dry glue can.

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