What types of MDF do we supply?

What types of MDF do we supply?

Our MDF supplied is available in standard, light or ultra light density, and in a large number of sizes. In addition, we also stock a variety of specialist MDF types:

Moisture Resistant MDF

Low-grade MDF is prone to swelling and breaking when wet. Our moisture resistant MDF can be used for kitchens, bathrooms and even wet rooms,such as mdf leroy merlin.

External MDF

MDF is commonly used for indoor building projects. Our external MDF however, is ideal for outdoor use. For example, fencing, gates and summer houses mdf 6mm.

Flame Retardant MDF

This is used where there is a higher than normal risk of fire, in schools, hospitals or hotels, for instance. There are two classes of flame retardant MDF, B and C, class B has been tested and approved to be fire resistant for 60 minutes, using the same tests class C is fire resistant for 30 minutes mdf bunnings.

MDF is an excellent choice for furniture, and cabinets due to its stability and strength. Here are some of the significant advantages of MDF:


MDF can handle anything you do with it. You can nail, cut, and shape it. During production, the fibres are made by grinding wood chips. The wickes mdf distribute themselves to form a homogenous panel. The panel comes in various thickness with smooth edges which can be moulded to different shapes. The small size of fibres creates a flat surface. Therefore, you can overlay MDF with decorative coatings like veneer and melamine. The exterior also produces a clean paint finish making it ideal for cabinets and furniture. mdf furniture doesn’t expand or contract on exposure to heat or humidity.

Economic and Environmental-Friendly 

MDF is made from wood chips which are waste products from wood. Many people perceive it as the perfect way to further recycle and conserve trees. Furniture made of b&q mdf is cheap in comparison to those made from plywood.

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