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What is WBP plywood? Questions and answers about WBP plywood

What is WBP plywood?
Just like the name, BWP stands for weather and boil proof. BWP Plywood is considered to be an exterior grade or marine grade. Using BWP glue for the plywood ensures that the panel can be exposed to humidity or moisture for a long time without delamination.
Wbp plywood use WBP glue, to test the water-resistance of BWP plywood, can put a few samples of the plywood in boiling water. The glues used in BWP plywood are melamine glue and phenolic glue. WBP plywood made with ordinary melamine can resist delamination in boiling water for between four and eight hours. If better melamine is used, the plywood can withstand boiling water for ten to twenty hours. It should be noted that the length of time plywood can withstand boiling water without delaminating is not only dependent on the glue – it also depends on the plywood raw materials used and production process. Phenolic glue is the best one to use in BWP plywood, they can go on without delamination for 24 to 72 hours in boiling water. So they are regarded as permanent adhesives. WBP is the most durable glue you can find.

Where WBP plywood are used?
Wbp Plywood is normally used in construction like concrete formwork. WBP plywood is designed for outdoor uses such as building, shelters & covers, roof, floors, concrete shuttering plywood, etc.

Is WBP plywood same as Marine plywood?
WBP plywood vs Marine plywood These two items are almost same except that Marine plywood is guaranteed to be void free and WBP plywood cores can be of a lower grade. WBP plywood only needs to be good enough for extreme weather. In general, the veneer core of WBP plywood is not as good as marine plywood.

What does WBP plywood stand for?
Weather and boiling
WBP plywood is external grade as long as it is treated with preservatives. WBP (Weather and boil-proof) means that the glue line will not break in bad weather conditions and can withstand boiling water immersion.

Is WBP plywood a hardwood?
Hardwood plywood formerly known as WBP, is a hardwood structural plywood commonly used for roofing, general construction, flooring and many other uses. It is suitable for outdoor use.

Is WBP Plywood structural?
Not necessarily. But a structural plywood is WBP grade.