Specification of Marine plywood fireproof & waterproof.

Brief introduction of “CUZI” fireproof marine plywood series products (name: waterproof board, fireproof plywood, marine plywood cost, fireproof and waterproof multilayer board, 710 grade plywood, yacht fireproof and marine grade plywood, marine plywood home depot and fireproof marine grade plywood lowes.

I. Features of fireproof marine plywood products:

1. Production is strictly in accordance with BS1008 international standard for marine plywood.

2. WBP environmental protection glue and imported waterproof agent are adopted, reaching the environmental protection E1 standard,okoume marine plywood near me.

3. It has excellent weather resistance and can be boiled for 72 hours without opening glue.

4. The waterproof board after flame retardant treatment shall meet the fire protection Class B standard.

5. The product quality has been BV certified by BureauVeritas France International Inspection Bureau (French Classification Society).

6. The weather resistance of products has passed the authoritative inspection of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Wood-based Panels and Bamboo Products.

7. The fireproof performance of products has passed the authoritative inspection of the National Fire-proof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

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II. Application scope of fireproof marine plywood,marine grade plywood rona:

1, shipbuilding industry manufacturing; Manufacture of trunk body; Offshore surrounding buildings such as docks and ports.

2. Outdoor wooden structures, wooden houses, villa walls and floors, and outdoor gardening furniture.

3. Outdoor outdoor stage, large-scale exhibition decoration works, various buildings and decoration works.

4. High-grade furniture production, wood floor substrate and wood floor cushion,gurjan plywood 710 bwp price.

III.Specifications and models of fireproof marine plywood:

1. board core: eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, miscellaneous wood, mixed core, marine plywood home depot canada,etc

2, dough: ice candy, Oguman, miscellaneous wood, pine, birch and so on

3, dough grade: BB/CC, BB/BB, etc.

  • General dimensions: 1220× 2440× 3-35mm, 915× 1830× 3-35mm
  • Ⅲ. Instructions for use of fireproof marine plywood:

1. When unloading, use four wooden squares of about 100㎜ to pad up at the bottom of the plate, and the plate should not be placed directly

The height of floor and plate should not exceed two meters 12mm marine plywood price and marine plywood flooring.

2. The plates should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment away from direct sunlight.

3. When pasting various finishing materials on the surface of the board, please clean up the dust, dirt, oil stains, etc. on the surface of the board first, then polish it flat with No.360 woodworking sandpaper, and paste it with professional adhesive for finishing materials. If the air humidity is more than 80%, it is not suitable for the construction of pasting decorative materials.

4. When processing, it is recommended to take some plates for testing before batch processing and production. If unnecessary losses are caused by mass production without test, it is not within the scope of CUZI’s responsibility.

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