The basic situation of fair-faced concrete formwork plywood

Fair-faced concrete formwork plywood can be divided into two types according to the requirements of construction, the first is no building requirements of fair-faced concrete formwork plywood, the second is a building requirements of fair-faced concrete formwork plywood. Among them, the fair-faced concrete formwork plywood with building requirements can also be divided into two categories. In fact, in popular terms, the concrete without building requirements can also become ordinary concrete formwork plywood. This ordinary concrete formwork plywood is generally used on the outer wall of basement.

This kind of concrete products on the construction method is there are a lot of need to be aware of, such as according to the innovation idea, can according to your design requirement, to act the role of concrete beam under normal circumstances around for hyperboloid and multiple beam of curved surface model specification, need to pay attention to in construction process directly between the beam and the beam should be 25 mm, Be sure to use in strict accordance with the regulations. There is also a case that if the project time is long, there may be cracks, if you want to prevent the occurrence of this situation, generally in the floor or beam are provided with structural joints, the width of the general structure of the joint is 100, generally can not exceed this data!

Under the situation that China actively responds to climate change and vigorously promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, if a green building formwork plywood material can be invented to replace steel, bamboo and wood in the building formwork plywood industry, the environmental and social benefits are undoubtedly huge. Green energy-saving building formwork plywood was invented under this background. Green building formwork plywood is made entirely of polymer fiber reinforced composite material, which is injected in a melt state through an injection molding process. The production process is simple, from raw materials to construction formwork plywood production process, no waste water, waste gas and waste residue emissions, no noise pollution, the whole production process to achieve zero pollution. At the same time can also be recycled, in line with the national environmental protection, energy conservation and environmental protection policy. The good news that green building formwork plywood has been invented in China makes people who pay attention to the development of building formwork plywood industry very happy.

Available in more than 30 different specifications and sizes, this green building formwork plywood can be easily applied to different parts of the building, such as walls, beams, columns, floors, etc. The formwork plywood is equipped with special buckle and Angle mold, which is very convenient to support and dismantle the mold. Can replace a variety of traditions
Building formwork plywood is widely used in the industrial, commercial and civil building markets.

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