The basic characteristics of density board

The basic characteristics of density board:

(1)Compared with wood, the difference in direction of density board is very small. Due to the uniform fiber arrangement of density board, the strength difference between longitudinal and transverse direction is very small, and the strength difference between longitudinal and transverse direction is less than 10% at the maximum. The arrangement of natural wood fiber is longitudinal, so longitudinal, horizontal direction of the intensity difference is very big, little difference a few times, more than ten times;

(2)The dimensional stability of density plate is good, and the changes of longitudinal and transverse expansion and dry shrinkage are small and constant. It is not easy to crack when used. Especially after humidification treatment of the density board, better dimensional stability;

(3) Density board has the characteristics of no joint scar, smooth surface, can produce large area and various thickness of the plate. And it has the characteristics of reprocessing performance and convenient construction;

(4)Can be made into different density products. Low density fiberboard has good thermal insulation and sound absorption characteristics, high density fiberboard has good mechanical properties;

(5)The density board has mechanical processing properties such as drilling, mortising, napping, digging and bending, molding and so on. And can be glued, coated and glued to a variety of decorative veneer materials and other secondary processing properties. The density board products after the above processing are both beautiful and suitable, and further expand the range of use and application value of the products; By adding a variety of functional chemicals, or mixed with inorganic fiber raw materials manufacturing density board. It not only maintains the original characteristics of fiberboard, but also has better performance of water resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion and mildew resistance, flame retardant, anti-static, electromagnetic wave and air purification, making it a special function density board or composite density board.

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