How to use laminated plywood correctly?

Generally, we need to clean up the inside of the product when we use it. In order to remove impurities inside the product, cleaning ports should be reserved. When installing building formwork, the requirements for embedded parts and reserved holes should be to fix the embedded parts, reserved holes and reserved holes on the building formwork at the same time, leaving no residual parts, the size meets the requirements, and the installation is firm. Deviation in accordance with acceptance specifications. At the same time, because of the isolation agent pollution of steel and concrete joints may cause obvious adverse effects on the mechanical properties of concrete structures, so it should avoid the pollution of steel when brushing.
You can consult Cuzi Wood Industry, which was founded in 2003. The company is a collection of construction laminating plywood production, glue production research and development, sales as one of the aggregate scale enterprises. The main products of the company are red board, phenolic mirror board and laminated plywood.
In the template quality, double leaf template factory keep improving, raw materials selected Dabie Mountain masson pine. Products through the process of “seiko, fine work, the use of advanced hot pressing equipment high temperature and high pressure pressed. The product has high strength, good toughness, static bending strength is several times of wood; At the same time, our factory introduced the GLUE production process of the European Union glue production, compared with similar products, with high flatness, smooth easy demoulding, high turnover times, no deformation, high construction efficiency, water resistance, water boiling hours do not open.

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