How growning elm for plywood production?

Elmwood Furniture Features

Elm 4×12 marine plywood texture hard, straight and rough texture and bold and rustic natural color,all with the ancient people respected the concept of being a person, so,from ancient to modern elm wood is very popular, up to the dignitaries,literati, down to the people’s first choice for furniture. Elmwood furniture retains the shape of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the collection of points, not falsely decorated, not boastful, not over the ritual, square,square with round, natural decent, upright and beautiful, rigid and soft, refined in the wash. From the structure of the elm furniture without a nail completely by a reasonable mortise and tenon connection,enough to withstand the dampness of the South and dryness of the North. marine grade treated plywood through clear natural texture is like a landscape painting of heavy mountains, as if the surface of the blue lake with layers of ripples, at first glance as if you can instantly away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the heavy mountains and blue water. Decorative old elm 710 grade gurjan plywood choose the appropriate decoration materials and space tone. Such as more natural wood, antique brick, rough red brick and other materials, the space is more simple, more natural rustic atmosphere; with different materials of furniture in a harmonious partnership, can bring infinite vitality to the living space, but as little as possible with glass and other cold materials mixed together; with natural materials of cloth, so that the old marine 18mm plywood elm of the past life combined more perfectly; with a natural antique atmosphere of coarse ceramic, rattan or straw accessories etc., can enhance and awaken the “past life” of old far eastern marine plywood. Request a quote

Elmwood Classification

1, spring elm: deciduous trees, produced in the northeast, gray skin,
oval leaves, yellowish flowers, medium hard wood. The reference value of wet wood weight is about 702 kg/cube; after harvesting, the wood quality is similar to green elm, used for making furniture, house decoration, plywood, car and boat equipment, and industrial timber.

2、Split-leaved elm: basically the same material as above, with great

3、Green elm: deciduous tree, produced in the northeast, with a wet wood
weight reference value of about 696 kg/cubic yard, close wood quality, hard
heartwood, beautiful pattern, smooth and beautiful middlewood pattern, hard and flexible sapwood, harvested trees, suitable for making furniture, decoration,marine plywood white,car and ship instruments, carving or industrial timber.

4、Yellow elm: deciduous tree, Shanxi, northeast and other real estate.Wet wood weight reference value is about 660 kg/cube, with less variability than green elm, fine texture and yellow-brown color.After harvesting, the trees are suitable for furniture decoration,plywood, car and boat equipment, and industrial timber.

5、White elm: also known as elm. Ancient Sun Yan: “elm white one’s
name”, often used as the beam of the heavy house; Wenxuan Jin Zuo Taichong.Wei Du Fu: “ruffled and knotted, music capital stacked.” White elm Anhui production, wet wood capacity reference value of about 767 kg / cube;Shanxi, Hebei, northeast, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places are available.
Bark gray-brown, shallow cleavage grooves, inner bark flexible, narrow sapwood,dark purple-gray middlewood, yellow heartwood, beautiful straight texture,coarse structure, easy to crack; wood suitable for furniture, vehicles,agricultural tools, packaging and other materials.

6, northeast elm: northeast production, gray-brown bark, shallow cracked grooves, light yellow-red inner bark, wet wood weight reference value of about 681 kg / cube; harvested wood sapwood dark yellow, medium wood gray-yellow-brown, heartwood hard and bright; wood texture is thick and
straight, beautiful pattern, wood heavy wool, sawn board surface is hairy,bright after planing, painted close to ash, but not as hard and soft as ash texture; wood for construction, vehicles, plywood The wood is used for
construction, vehicles, plywood, furniture and artifact making.

7、Large leaf elm: produced in Northeast China, the wood quality is similar to white elm, but better than white elm, the wet wood weight reference value is about 670 kg/cube; used for making furniture, decoration, plywood, car and boat instruments.

8、Hammer Elm: Zhejiang, deciduous trees, tall; Hammer Elm has pods in
August, spiny hairy quality crack; the wet wood weight reference value is about 899 kg/cubic meter after harvesting; can be used for making 6mm exterior ply appliances, but pay attention to the process of wood cracking.

9、Red chicken elm: the marine plywood 25mm price quality is the same as that of hammer elm.

10、Mountain elm: the wood quality is second to other elm, the use value
is not high.

11、Qian Yu: produced in Anhui, with a reference value of wet wood weight of about 766 kg/cube; bs1088 marine plywood price after harvesting, Qian Yu resembles the elm produced in Shanxi. 12, red elm: also known as Qianjin elm, is a scarce species, often used in greening, bark reddish brown, also called ochre; leaves with elm leaves,thick and shiny, small trees can also be cultivated for bonsai; red elm heartwood, middlewood, sapwood color difference is not too obvious; red elm wood yellow-white slightly reddish; red elm material texture interlocking,tough, easy to deformation by rapid fire drying; generally used for tools,artifacts production.

13, elm: Shanxi production, harvested trees, wet wood weight reference
value of about 810 kg / cube; deciduous trees, small flowers, winged fruit
called elm money, the skin is finely ground and sieved, water to blend into the aromatic agent, good adhesion, on wet pounding into a paste, can be used as a paste for bonding tiles and stones, its wood can be used for construction and artifacts.

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Advantages of century 710 marine grade plywood is tough,high mechanical strength,strong corrosion resistance; moderate hardness and strength, suitable for carving, general relief carving can be adapted.

2, Gurjan plywood 710 grade cost heart and sapwood distinction is obvious, sapwood is dark yellow, heartwood dark purple gray.

3, APA marine grade plywood grain through clear, smooth planing surface, chord surface pattern beautiful, with a pattern similar to the “chicken wing wood”.The wood is shaped, carved and lacquered, and can be made into exquisite carved and lacquered crafts.

Hoop pine marine plywood has old and new, easy deformation, love to grow insects,shrinkage is the disadvantage of new elm wood furniture; and old elm wood disadvantages are some places will have old insect eye, old crack, old mortise and tenon eye, etc..

2, However, after the drying room strictly dry elm furniture is not easy to crack, but elm is not easy to dry, there are many elm wood panels on the market now for the cost or equipment there are many problems, the drying of wood is not in place, so the production of elm wood furniture is easy to crack and deformation.

Furniture collection

Now there is a saying in the market that white wood can also be collected, referring to the Ming dynasty elm and the Qing dynasty nanmu.However, because of the beautiful natural grain of elm wood, hard texture,straight and rough and bold texture, coupled with the unique rustic natural color and rhythm of elm wood, all with the ancient people to promote the concept of being. Therefore, from ancient times to the present, elm wood is very popular, is the first choice of furniture production from the top to the nobleman, literati,down to the people. In terms of its history, from the era of furniture, there is elm furniture. Elm furniture represents not only a tradition, but also a culture, a taste, a style. Therefore, exterior grade plywood bunnings furniture is gradually more and more people collect and appreciate. Therefore, in the collection of elm furniture, must start from the process, carving both delicate, the lines must also be smooth; both to see whether the integrity and beauty of the character, but also to see whether the workmanship is fine and perfect, such as the production of the table utensils are generally fine, its value is even higher than a large piece of furniture. Collectors look at it to see if it can retain its value, mainly the following considerations, one is the beauty of the form, the shape of the furniture, whether complex, simple, to see if it is durable. Second, the material is excellent, the original wood material can be preserved for a long time, so that the more you use the warmer. Third, the workmanship is exquisite, elegant and generous, clean and elegant, good aesthetic intention. Of course, to get a number of carving good, intact classical elm furniture, is also rare. Even so, if you can have one or two pieces of elm furniture, it is enough to decorate the room, the glory.

Related literature Pine – Fu Rui Zhi next: “Luang Xifei has elm wood,different roots, four feet and nine inches apart.”

The Book of Wei – Emperor Huan Ji: “the emperor had a compulsion, vomiting place still produce elm wood. The world is different because there is no elm tree in the soil of the Senghopei.”

Ming Song Yingxing, “the work of heaven – marine grade hardwood boat and car”: “beam and square boom with nan wood, chink wood, camphor wood, elm wood, acacia wood.”

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Functions and main treatment Inducing water, promoting lymphatic flow and reducing swelling. Treating urinary incontinence, gonorrhea, edema, carbuncle and gangrene, dermatitis, scabies.
①Benjing: Mainly used for obstructing urination and defecation, promoting water circulation, and eliminating evil energy.

②Beijing Bei Lu: Mainly used for the treatment of intestinal and gastric evil and heat, subduing swelling, and treating children’s head sores and scab mange.

③《Pharmacology》: Mainly for the benefit of five lung, cure sleeplessness, treatment of thirst. It is made of pestle and mortar, and is decocted with five gallons of water and two coins of water every morning and night, and taken like glue.
④Meng Monk: It is used for treating redness and swelling of the skin, pounding three taels of skin and sealing it with three years of vinegar dregs for six or seven days, and also treating jealousy of breast swelling in women.

⑤Rihua Zi Ben Cao: Passes through the meridians. Saliva, apply to ringworm.

⑥《The Compendium》: It can help to relieve orifices, penetrate dampness and heat, move fluids, and eliminate carbuncles and swellings.

Selected prescriptions

①Treating bleeding in the urine, astringent pain in the waterway: three taels of white elm bark (file), one heap of dong quaizi,two taels of slippery stone, two taels each of stone wei (remove the hair),quai mai (with spike), and raw dried groundnut. The above six flavors are roughly pounded and sieved, each serving five money dagger, water one and a half, decoction to six minutes, remove the dregs, into the pen head ash half a dagger, stir well, warm before eating. (Sheng Ji General Record “elm white skin soup”)

② Treatment outdoor marine plywood of pregnancy urinary discomfort: a liter of sunflower seeds, elm white skin a (cut). The above two flavors, five liters of water, boil five boiling, serve a liter, three days. (“Thousand Gold Formula”)

③ Treatment of deficiency labor urine white turbidity: elm white bark, cut, two pounds, two buckets of water, boil five liters, divided into five servings. (Thousand Gold Formula)

④ cure the body violent swelling full: marine plywood 5mm price bark pounded crumbs, as many as possible, mixed rice for porridge food, small convenience. (Prescription)

⑤ cure abortion after the blood does not stop: elm white bark (scraped, filed), angelica (cut, roasted) each half two. The above two flavors pounded and sieved, each serving three money dagger. Water one jan,add three slices of ginger, decoction to seven minutes, remove the dregs, take
in empty heart. (Sheng Ji Zong Lu, “Elm White Bark Boiled”)

(6)Treatment of red stream swelling and poison: Elm root white bark for the end,chicken seed white and put it on. (Qian Jin Fang)

(7) Treatment of wind-heat swelling and poisoning, scrofula: elm white bark (file), acacia white bark (file),red beans, barley noodles, mulberry white bark (file), Chuan Park nit, soap pods (remove the black skin, coated with crisp and scorched slightly yellow,remove the seeds), half a tael of each of the above. Pounding fine Luo as scattered, with chicken seeds and clear as paste, the old cloth can be spread according to the size of the swelling paste, dry that is easy. (“Sheng Hui Fang” Elm White Peel San)

⑧ treatment of carbuncle hair back: Elm root white peel, cut, wash with water, pounding extremely rotten, and aromatic oil to put on the head to stay out of the air, dry then with bitter tea frequently moistened, not sticky replacement of the new, will be healed, with mulberry leaves pounded and rotted with the size of the paste, the mouth is stopped.(“emergency prescription”)

⑨ treatment of traumatic bleeding: elm bark, put in 75% alcohol soaked for seven days, take out the shade dry,research fine powder for external use. (Xuzhou “single prescription experimental new medical method selections”) ⑩ cure fire burn rotten sores: elm white bark cooked pounding seal it. (Thousand Gold Medullary Formula)

(11) Treatment of burns and scalds: 10 grams of elm bark, 10 grams of
taihuang, 10 grams of sour date bark. Soak in 75% alcohol for 48 hours and
filter, take the filtrate. Clean the wound surface and spray the affected area
with the spray method. (Inner Mongolia, “Selected Materials on New Medical Methods of Chinese Herbs”)

(12) Treatment marine rated plywood of white baldness in hildren:pounded elm bark and applied with vinegar. (The Secret Records of Zimmer)

Famous scholars’ commentary the compendium: elm bark, elm leaf, the nature of all slippery descending, so people urinary inaccessibility, five gonorrhea swelling full,coughing sleepless, through the veins of the birth of all kinds of evidence appropriate. This herb ten dose cloud, slippery can be removed,the winter sunflower seeds, elm white skin of the genus, cover also take its beneficial orifices, seepage of damp heat, eliminating the retention of tangible things. It is suitable for those who are congested and full of qi. If the stomach is cold and deficient, a long time to take seepage, fear of leaking the real Qi.

Propagation and cultivation seedling method: mainly using strip seeding
seedlings, mid-April elm money from green to light yellow when the structural marine plywood seeds are picked in time, shade dry in time for sowing. Generally use strip sowing row spacing of 30cm, mulch 1cm trampling, because the germination is high temperature and dry season, it is best to cover 3cm of soil moisture, germination with a rake block flat. Each mu with seed about 4 kg. Seedling height of about 10cm between seedlings to 10-20cm, the next year between seedlings to the row spacing 60 × 30cm, and later according to the size of the cultivated seedlings between seedlings to the appropriate density. Seed collection To improve seed quality, seeds should be selected from 15-30 year old healthy mother trees. The seeds can be harvested when they turn yellowish white. If the seeds are harvested too early, they will be blighted and affect the germination rate; if they are collected too late, they will be easily scraped away by the wind. After harvesting the seeds should not be exposed to the sun, but should be allowed to dry naturally, gently remove the seed wings to avoid damage to the seeds. Nursery selection and land preparation should choose a water source,well-drained, thick sandy loam soil for nursery. Sowing method can be used in the border or monopoly sowing. Before waterproof marine grade plywood sowing the land should be fine, muorganic fertilizer 4,000-5,000 kg, shallow turn and irrigate sufficient bottom water. Sowing seeds for seedling mu sowing 3-5 kg, open shallow furrow will be sown into the seeds, mulch 0.5-1 cm, mulch is too deep seed germination out of the soil difficulties. After sowing the seeds should be slightly suppressed, to
facilitate the close combination of seeds and soil and moisture retention. When the soil is dry, do not water the head of the big water, only spray the
surface, so as not to soil clumping or wash away the seeds. 6-10 days to
sprout, more than 10 days after the seedlings out of the ground, seedlings grow to 2-3 true leaves when the seedlings began to seedling, seedling height of 5-6 cm when the seedlings fixed, mu left seedlings 30-40,000. Water the seedlings in time, strengthen the weeding of the seedlings during the seedling stage, and apply 10 kg of compound fertilizer in early July-August. Once every half month,chasing 2 times, can also apply a new foliar fertilizer.

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After mid-August, do not apply ammonia nitrogenfertilizer, and to control soil moisture to facilitate the lignification of seedlings. Pest and disease control Elm seedlings are susceptible to aphids,marine grade plywood for boats which can be controlled by spraying 3,000 times imidacloprid at the beginning of the pest season. Elm goldenseal insects can be controlled by spraying 1500 times high efficiency cypermethrin. The seedlings are susceptible to lingering disease within one month after emergence, and can be prevented by spraying 600 times carbendazim or 100 times equal amount of Bordeaux solution once every half month for 3-4 times.

Flower language

September 5 flower language: trust flower divination: you are a
straightforward person, pay attention to the integrity of each other, once
betrayed by a trusted friend, the kind of sad blow than the average person ten times more serious, therefore, hard marine grade plywood price will not easily trust others. If marine plywood 1220 x 2440 x 18mm is really the case, you also have a loss, no longer trust people, that is, make their own no hope. Lucky Flower: Daisy, cherry, rose Proverbs: Someone said: “Women are like vines wrapped around men, the two will not be easily separated.

Introduction,the marine plywood for outdoor use is commonly used in the north of China,its quality is fine and soft, stable, cheap and easy to obtain. It is often used as an accessory material for elm furniture and the bones of lacquer furniture in ancient furniture. This is also known as “small-leaf
poplar”, often with a segment-like luster, so also known as “satin poplar”, not the kind of Soviet poplar, big-leaf poplar, poplar, etc.,which was introduced in the middle of this century. Poplar often has a”sour smell” and is lighter and softer than birch. Birch 28mm marine plywood has a slight fragrance, often with very fine brown-black water immersion line. This is the difference between the two varnish marine plywood.

Characteristics and distribution

A fast-growing and productive tree species, it 22mm exterior grade plywood has a wide range of adaptability, long annual growth period, fast production,etc., and is widely planted in the south and north of China, poplar wood resources are relatively abundant. Due to its loose fiber structure and relatively poor material, its application range is greatly restricted. At present, it is mainly used as 6mm marine plywood 8×4 composite flooring core board or base board, short-cycle industrial raw materials or road and river greening species.

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