What is the fire marine plywood?

Fire-proof marine plywood, also known as fire-proof marine plywood, scientific name for thermosetting resin impregnated paper high pressure laminated marine plywood, is a fire-proof building material for surface decoration, fire-proof marine plywood is base paper (titanium powder paper, kraft paper) through melamine and phenolic resin impregnation process, after high temperature and high pressure environment.

Rich surface color, texture and special physical properties. Fire-proof marine plywoods can be used in many areas, such as countertops, interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, exterior walls, etc. Want fire prevention marine plywood and plank to press stick closely together only can.

When choosing, can ask according to oneself dimension and design and color, undertake processing by manufacturer. Because it is veneer, fireproof marine plywood can handle very flexible, fireproof marine plywood design and color is very much, let us have very big choose leeway.

Fire prevention marine plywood because its colour and lustre is gorgeous, pattern chooses much, wear-resisting, be resistant to high temperature, easy cleanness, waterproof, moistureproof wait for a characteristic, already made the dominant product of ambry market, be chosen by more and more families and accept.

Fire-proof marine plywood is a mechanical product, its performance is stable, will not happen discoloration, crack, water permeability and other problems.

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