What is cylindrical formwork plywood used for?

Cylindrical formwork plywood, which is the mold used in construction projects to cast concrete for circular columns, is commonly used in large commercial brigades
Tour real estate, airport, high-speed rail station and other projects. For example, in some ancient temple projects, the most characteristic is the column at the entrance. In the past, the round column was either poured with heavy and expensive steel formwork plywood, or cut flat formwork plywood for stitching. The former is too heavy and too expensive, the construction is not convenient, time-consuming and laborious cost of money, and there are certain construction safety hazards; After that, the effect is not good, the later stage needs to be polished, the labor cost is very high, and the size is not standard, and the party A with strict requirements will not accept the inspection. Now, fangyuan construction mold production of cylindrical wood formwork plywood completely changed this situation, cylindrical wood formwork plywood construction is convenient, forming effect is good, the price is preferential, is absolutely the only choice of ancient temple cylinder construction.

Advantages of wood building round formwork plywood series:

  1. The cylindrical formwork plywood is made of high-quality birch poplar wood using high strength waterproof PP, through special shaping hot press high pressure shaping, through secondary rolling coating epoxy resin, after far infrared drying hot water line surface treatment. It has the characteristics of strong adhesive force, light weight, high strength of anti-expansion pressure and good water resistance. Wood round formwork plywood has good air permeability, wood round formwork plywood has good demoulding without the use of demoulding agent, can shorten the solidification time of concrete, ensure the concrete products to achieve high quality effect.
  2. Cylindrical formwork plywood is composed of curved plates with a certain radius and arc length, forming a cylinder, elliptic cylinder or other special-shaped cylinder. Drilling can be cut into special size and shape according to the needs of the project, with light weight, simple secondary processing technology, large format, small number of joints and other hot spots,
    Greatly improve the working efficiency of mold support
  3. The company’s patented concave and convex groove technology is used on both sides of the cylindrical formwork plywood to effectively solve the problem of slurry running during construction
  4. Wooden circular formwork plywood is superior to steel formwork plywood: wooden circular formwork plywood is lighter than steel formwork plywood, and can be finished without large lifting equipment
    Assembly, improve the efficiency of mold installation, shorten the construction period. The size of steel formwork plywood is the standard specification, which takes a long time to customize. Wooden round formwork plywood has complete specifications, which can be produced in any specifications according to the requirements of drawings. The production cycle is short, and a large number of pre-assembled plywood can be transported as a whole to reduce the construction time and ensure the construction progress.

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