The green building formwork plywood invented in China has the following three characteristics

  1. Green building template plywood support, easy to disassemble.

This green building formwork plywood is easy to mold and remove. With buckle connection, simple and quick operation; Template plywood surface smooth, easy demoulding, easy cleaning and maintenance, without demoulding agent, after the use of template plywood surface does not stick cement, template plywood does not need to clean; Under the same workload, the construction efficiency is 40% higher than that of steel formwork plywood. Compared with bamboo and wood formwork plywood, the construction efficiency can be increased by 40% without steel nails during use. The formwork plywood that resembles wall, column still can be removed whole, use layer by layer. The intensity of labor is also greatly reduced.

2. Second, green building template plywood installation time is short

Under the same conditions, horizontal formwork plywood shall be laid for every 1,000 square meters of floor area,

The connection time comparison table is as follows,in other words,the consumption time of green and energy-saving building formwork plywood is about 40% less than that of traditional formwork plywood.Short disassembly and assembly time of green building formwork plywood

3. The thermal expansion coefficient of green energy-saving building formwork plywood is far from that of concrete. After pouring, the formwork plywood is separated from the concrete automatically with the change of temperature and concrete solidification. It can be easily removed without knocking, and the working time will be greatly saved.

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