Plywood moisture content of Quality requirements as Cuzi Industry

Plywood moisture content as Cuzi Industry: less than 10%.  

Quality requirements below:

1. Plywood surface material shall be grade A (no blue change, no decay, no scar, no black water line, no insect eyes). 

2. It is not allowed to reveal the defects of the core board, the surface has no color difference and the surface has no glue penetration phenomenon.  

3. Plywood thickness uniform, tolerance range within the order standard ±0.25mm.  

4. The surface and core board are not allowed to have layer and peel, and will be returned.  

5. Large cracks and overlapping phenomena are not allowed to appear on the surface. If there are a few cracks, putty is needed to repair, but residue is not allowed.  

6. The gap width of the core plate is allowed to be less than 5mm.  

7. Hard bending (dead bending) is not allowed on the plate surface, and the bending amplitude is not allowed to exceed 20mm/2440mm.  

8. The surface sanding is delicate (sanding particle size should be above 180#), no sand leakage, excessive sand (sanding through the bottom), earthworm belt and other phenomena are allowed.  

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