What is plywood?What are the advantages and disadvantages of plywood?

What is plywood?
Introduction to plywood
Plywood is one of furniture commonly used materials, it is one of wood-based boards, cut veneer by wooden segment or cut thin wood by wooden planer, and then glued with adhesive agent and become 3 or multilayer tabular material, usually with odd layer veneer, and make the fiber direction of adjacent layer veneer is perpendicular to each other.
Use of plywood
Mainly used in furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, residential construction with a variety of plywood. It is followed by shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, various military, light industrial products and packaging industries.
Plywood specification thickness
Plywood is made up of thin pieces of wood,3 ply plywood, 5 ply plywood and so on, occasionally with an odd number. Splint specifications are generally 2440 x 1220mm. The combination according to different layer board, ply of plywood also differs, commonly 3cm, 5cm board, 9cm board, 12 cm board, 15cm board, 18cm board, of course also have other ply according to special circumstance.

Advantages and disadvantages of plywood
The advantages of plywood
Reasonable use of logs without sawdust. Light bulk density, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation, small deformation, convenient construction, no warping, good tensile resistance.
Disadvantages of plywood
Cost is higher, not as bright as the medium density fiberboard surface layer. There is no sufficient drying or production process problems, resulting in plywood deformation, external force is difficult to adjust. Do basic level with splint, when agglutinate fire prevention board, aluminous model board to wait for fancy plywood again on the surface, do basic level firm as medium density board.

Types of plywood
1, the first types of plywood for climate resistance, boiling water resistance plywood, high temperature resistance, steam treatment and other advantages.
2, the second type of plywood is water resistant plywood, which can be impregnated in cold water and short time of hot water.
3, the third type of plywood is moisture resistance plywood, can be dipped in cold water for a short time, suitable for indoor use at room temperature, used for furniture and general building purposes.
4, the fourth type of plywood is not moisture resistant plywood, can be used in the indoor normal, plywood of general use has wood, basswood, ash, birch, elm, poplar and so on.

Plywood purchase
Plywood quality
When buying, must not graph is cheap only, decorate what dosage is bigger on the market is import willow eucalyptus plywood
Plywood prices
The general price of plywood will follow different markets, different brands and specifications are different. Now home decoration commonly used 3 ply plywood, each 1220mm x 2440mm plywood price in 3-8$. Mahogany and poplar are cheaper.
Plywood species
When choosing, be sure to pay attention to whether the panel is eucalyptus or other hard miscellaneous wood. In contrast to the eucalyptus surface is better.
Inner sandwich material
General plywood core layer is more miscellaneous wood, it is best to choose eucalyptus and other high-quality materials, and pay attention to whether the section is smooth, whether between the panel layer glue, bubble, whether the core plywood has a large gap.
The whole plywood appearance
Good quality plywood without warping, deformation, cracking phenomenon. The edge line is straight, the wall thickness is substantial, the size is standard. Surface color, no scars, spots, holes, bumps, stains, defects and repair phenomenon.
Plywood brand
Buy plywood first to see whether environmental protection, the material that low-priced sells is normally shoddily made and the material that formaldehyde exceeds bid seriously, should be bought to regular market, better buy product of splint brand.

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