Melamine coat Medium density board production proces

Melamine coat Medium density board production process.

Melamine board, full name is melamine impregnated adhesive paper veneer density board.
It is a decorative board made of paper with different colors or textures soaked in melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of curing. It is paved on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, and made by hot pressing.
Melamine board is not a new product, fancy name does not represent the product fresh. Quality of lumber furniture supervises examine stationmaster to say, this kind of plank is produced in home already, it is to use to do office furniture such as computer desk initially, it is monochromatic board more, as the popularity of board type furniture in the family, it becomes the manufacture material of first selection of each furniture factory gradually, surface colour and decorative pattern are more also.
At present the board type furniture on the market uses entrance and homebred two kinds of plank. “Melamine” is one of the board of manufacturing this kind of resin adhesive, with different color or texture of paper in the resin after soaking, dry to a certain degree of curing, the shop is in particieboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF) or hardboard surface, by hot pressing, decorating plate specification is the name of melamine veneer melamine-impregnated paper density board, said the third melamine board is actually said Part of its finishing composition.
The base paper with special properties is impregnated with colorless and transparent melamine resin, while the bottom paper is impregnated with phenolic resin glue. After impregnation, the glue is evenly permeated into the paper fiber, and then the impregnated paper is dried to remove moisture and volatile substances such as solvents.
Impregnation and drying of various base paper is the key to decorating plate manufacturing process, must make the base paper, fully meet the requirements of resin content in liquid impregnation resin evenly, after dipping glue solution by drying device to remove the solvent and some volatiles, make the polycondensation of the resin to some degree, and part of residual volatile, so as to guarantee the impregnated paper in the process of hot pressing, The resin has sufficient flow when it is in the molten state.
After impregnation and drying, the base paper is sealed with plastic film and stored in a constant temperature and humidity environment. Temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius, humidity is about 50-60% of the preservation conditions.
After that, according to the thickness of product specifications, the various impregnated paper is matched into blank.
And in the hot press for heating pressure, the general heating temperature is 135 – 150 degrees Celsius, in order to get good surface gloss, cold-hot cold hot pressing process can be used, that is, the hot plate temperature is 50 degrees lower when the slab enters the press, so as to avoid local solidification of the resin, and then the temperature is heated and pressurized. Before pressure relief, the hot pressing temperature should be lowered to 50 degrees Celsius to reduce the pressure and open the hot plate.
The working pressure is about 6-8mpa.
To be pressed into the board, and then in the vertical and horizontal trimming machine edge cutting, the production of melamine resin decorative board.

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