How to prevent normal plywood to mildewed?

How to prevent normal plywood to mildew?

Plywood is closely followed the trend of The Times, in order to adapt to the social development of the new era came into being the latest technology, different colors or textures of paper into melamine resin adhesive immersion, drying to a certain extent, and then decorated wood.

The appearance of plywood has been paid close attention to by the industry and consumers. In order to cater to the needs of the market, plywood itself is also constantly innovating and gradually involves the various fields of decoration. The high-quality plywood has become the object that consumers vie for the choice especially.

Plywood whether used or not used, it is easy to produce mildew phenomenon, so how to prevent it, Cuzi wood Industry to give you the following suggestions.

1.To prevent plywood skin discoloration, mildew, should pay attention to moistureproof, prevent indoor too humid, prevent soaking, rain. Paint construction is necessary complete, correct,

2. When construction decorates metope, nail should make wooden frame, prevent to stick face plate to install directly at cement, brick wall face to prevent damp mildew change. After decorating, should prevent plywood dry crack, burst skin. To prevent direct sunlight for a long time or indoor too dry, the board should prevent the air conditioning outlet or next to the heating cover, so simple so that the panel skin is too dry and cracked, affecting the service life of the panel.

3. When transporting, the surrounding air should have fluidity. The rapid propagation of anaerobic bacteria is more likely to lead to mildew in a closed environment. If the air circulation is good, the wine party will be much better. Then the main anti-mildew measures for plywood are drying, heat treatment and anti-corrosion treatment.

These basic measures will basically solve the problem of mildew packaging board, many times we are to pay attention to the implementation of the measures. For each kind of processing method, we each have specific method.

Summer because of high temperature mold reproduction speed, so the problem of plywood mildew is particularly obvious. And at this time also need plywood manufacturer meticulous treatment and prevention. Pay attention to the above aspects can effectively prevent the occurrence of plywood mildew phenomenon, so in peacetime to pay more attention to.

As the development of in last few years, the innovation of design and color, design develops more make plywood created distinctive pattern, let household decorate present different pattern. The development prospect of plywood is very broad, worthy of business investment, worthy of broad consumer trust.

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