The main formwork construction technology is applied in the building formwork project

With the continuous acceleration of urbanization and the continuous improvement of residents’ living standards, the amount of construction projects is gradually increasing. In order to ensure the overall quality of construction projects, the construction management with engineering technology management as the core is increasingly valued. At the present stage, the main structure of concrete is widely used in construction projects.

According to the development of the construction industry at this stage, more and more structures are involved in the construction process, and the forces of various components have also changed accordingly. In the process of construction, the force of the theme template is an important part of the whole building. Traditional construction of building templates is difficult to meet the forces of the overall structure. According to the current requirements for building technology, some operations are difficult to carry out in the specific construction process. At the same time, due to the technical limitations of the construction department and relevant staff, the force of the building can not be accurately guaranteed. In the process of completing the template construction, new technical means are not adopted, which is not conducive to the development of the construction content of the building template.

The main body of the construction technology of the application of the analysis
The main body of the template design
The template engineering construction design mainly based on the overall structure of the building, construction quality control, construction schedule and other field factors.So in the design should be done adequate field investigation and research, repeated checking analysis of building drawings, to ensure that the specific parameters of the familiar components.The main body of the template includes wall template, beam template, stair template, column template, the construction personnel to calculate the size of these templates, clearly marked, so as not to appear in the design of errors.

Preparation for main form construction
Before carrying out the main form construction work, two aspects of preparation should be carried out. The first is to prepare sufficient and high quality construction materials. In order to ensure the construction quality and ensure the firm durability of housing construction, the main form construction technology adopts the filling material mainly concrete, into the reinforcing steel, make it more solid and seismic, the main form material is composite form. During the material preparation stage, the construction unit must strengthen the management, do not allow the material to appear fish, shoddy situation, and then start the second preparation work, the template is comprehensively cleaned up to ensure that there is no foreign matter on the template, so that when the concrete is poured, it can ensure that there will be no hollow and untrue situation. In addition, the construction surface should also be cleaned up necessary, the rubble, bricks and other parts that affect the quality should be removed.

Main formwork construction stage
Due to the different stress positions of each component in the building, the technical methods used in the construction are not the same. The main formwork is mainly divided into wall formwork, column formwork, stair formwork and beam formwork. In specific operation, attention should be paid to the influence of each component part on the entire construction. Taking the wall formwork as an example, the construction of the wall formwork is related to the stability of the entire building, which needs to have a strong bearing effect. During construction, attention should be paid to the support work of the formwork to avoid the toppling of the formwork. When installing the tension bolts, attention should be paid to the wall stress point tending to the bolts, and the correction work should be done to prevent the wall from being straight.

Key points of bedding formwork construction
Bedding formwork is most commonly used in the construction of housing construction. This formwork has low construction difficulty, simple work content and process, and its only disadvantage is that its volume is relatively larger than other forms.Based on this, the center line must be put in the designated position before the formwork is installed, and then the axis is released.Secondly, the side formwork calibration work should be completed according to the side line, and the best fixed method should be selected to effectively fix it.Finally, after the installation work is completed, the surrounding debris should be thoroughly cleaned up, and the final detection should be done on time, so as to complete the work smoothly.

Column form mounting
Before the installation of the column template, install the sponge strip at the lower mouth of the template, and then carry out the template assembly operation. During the installation of the column hoop, it is necessary to correct the template assembly before proceeding, and ensure that the column hoop is kept at a high level in the installation jar. The formwork is prone to displacement or bending, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to install steel pipe hoops or formwork frames in the upper, middle and lower positions of the column formwork. During installation, attention should be paid to operational technical problems. Only when the axis displacement of the template, vertical deviation and diagonal are corrected, the column hoops bolts can be tightened. Otherwise, the cleaning mouth shall not be closed.

Construction focus of foundation beam formwork
Starting from the specific situation of the house construction, the foundation beam only needs to be basic splicing work, and the most important thing in the construction is whether the edge line can pop out on the cushion, and then the fixed operation is carried out after the elevation position is determined. At the same time, there are many problems worth paying attention to in the construction of the foundation beam formwork, such as adding some sponges between the two formwork to effectively avoid leakage; The column must ensure the correct position and fixed well, etc. These problems are difficult in the construction of the foundation beam formwork of the building construction project. The construction enterprise should pay attention to these problems, do a good job of prevention, and ensure the quality of the project to the maximum extent.

Wall formwork construction
The construction of wall formwork is not only more difficult, but also more important, and the construction weight of wall formwork must be strictly protected. In the construction of wall formwork, construction technicians need to support the side molds, bind the formwork with reinforcement materials, and install the tension bolts. Then support the other side of the template, proofread the installation position of the template, and tighten the sealing bolts. After the template is installed, you need to check the installation quality of the template. Template installation should adhere to the corresponding principles, and from the middle of the outer mold, the purpose of doing so is to ensure the dimensions and perpendicularity of the wall structure. After the installation of one side of the template, the construction technician can install the welded water stop bolt, and then install the other side of the template, and use the pull bolt to fix the template.

Body template demoulding technology
Stripping is the final work in the construction technology of the main formwork. As a step in accepting the results of the template, the demoulding work needs to be extra careful. When removing the mold, pay attention to avoid excessive force, resulting in damage to the template. When removing the touch plate, pay attention to remove the non-bearing part first. After the template is completely removed, the concrete formwork should be maintained. The formwork should not be ignored.

Strengthen the technical measures of main formwork construction in building formwork project
Introduce advanced construction technology
With the continuous development of science and technology in our country, a variety of advanced construction technologies have gradually entered the public field of vision, and Chinese construction enterprises can use advanced template engineering design software to calculate the main template, reducing the problems in the construction process and the economic losses of enterprises. For example, the application of BIM template engineering design software can directly draw the actual assembly drawing of the main template, so that the staff can intuitively understand the actual environment of the construction site, and it also has three-dimensional display, data support and automatic calculation functions. The application of BIM software can make the design process of the main template easier, and then effectively improve the construction quality of the main template. Ensure the safety of the construction process.

Strengthen the management of building formwork construction
Strengthening the scientific management of the construction of building formwork can effectively improve the quality of building formwork. The scope of scientific management is very wide, and it is currently widely used in production enterprises and construction enterprises. To carry out scientific management of the main formwork construction in the corresponding building formwork project, we need to do the following aspects: ① to develop a perfect and standardized scientific management system and standardize the behavior technology of construction personnel; ② To establish a perfect supervision mechanism; ③ Increase the training of professional personnel, and regularly carry out corresponding technical training and assessment; ④ Strengthen acceptance and feedback process, timely find problems and deficiencies and correct them.

During the construction phase, special attention should also be paid
The construction of the main formwork is more complex, and there are several small construction links. The construction methods used in each link are also different. In the specific construction, attention should be paid to the impact of each component on the overall construction. For example, in the construction of the product template, the requirements for the bearing capacity are high, so the support work of the template should be done during construction to prevent the collapse of the template. After the completion of construction, the template should be removed. The removal of the template is to accept the results of the template construction, so extra caution must be taken. When removing the mold, avoid excessive force to avoid damage to the template. After the demolition, it is necessary to maintain the concrete formwork, which can not be abandoned, and once there is a problem, it is necessary to repair it in time.

As an important part of the main project, the main formwork construction plays a key role in the construction quality of concrete projects. In order to reduce the safety risks of formwork engineering, the contractor needs to strictly control the construction process of installation and demolition for site management, formwork force, technical disclosure and other issues, so as to lay a solid foundation for the technical management of the overall concrete project.

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