What is mdf? The use of mdf.

What are the characteristics of MDF?
MDF is also called fiberboard, which is the degreasing and peeling of logs, crushed into wood chips, that is, wood fibers or other plant fibers as raw materials, after high temperature, high pressure, applied artificial boards made of suitable adhesives are classified into high-density boards, medium density board, low density board. Now the most common in the market is medium density board. MDF surface light and smooth, fine material, stable performance, firm edge, and the decorative surface of the board is good, has high bending strength and impact strength, easy to paint.

However, in contrast, the nail holding force of MDF is worse than that of particle board, and if the screws are loosened after tightening. Due to the low strength of MDF, it is difficult to fix it again. In addition, the biggest disadvantage of MDF is not moisture-proof, and it will swell when it sees water. When using MDF as skirting board, door cover board and window sill board, it should be noted that all six sides are painted so as not to deform.

How to choose MDF furniture? How to maintain?
When choosing MDF furniture, the first thing to look at is the surface cleanliness, the MDF table with good surface cleanliness There should be no obvious particles on the surface. The particles are caused by impurities brought into the pressing process, which not only affect the beauty and make the paint film peel off easily.

Then touch the surface of the furniture with your hand, if there is a smooth feeling, it means that the processing is better, if it feels astringent, it means that the processing is not in place. The MDF surface should be bright and flat, as seen from the side if the surface is not flat, it means that there is a problem with the coating process of the material. In addition, the overall elasticity of the board is good. The quality of the sub-board is better, and the harder board – must be an inferior product. MDF should always be maintained during use keep dry and clean, do not rinse with a lot of water, pay special attention to avoid long MDF furniture period of immersion.

If there are oil stains and stains, they should be removed in time. You can use a mild neutral detergent to warm water into, it is best to use the special MDF cleaning and protection solution matched with the furniture for cleaning. The appliance should be placed in places with high temperature, such as the side of the stove, the radiator, etc and should not be exposed to direct sunlight receive irradiation.

It is not advisable to hit the surface with heavy or hard objects or cut things directly on the surface to prevent damage to the surface of the furniture. If it is damaged, do not push the furniture hard on the ground. In winter, you should pay attention to increasing the surface of the MDF. Humidity, which can effectively solve the problem of gaps and cracks in MDF furniture.

However, the joints of the MDF are generally fragile, and it is easy to be damaged by people during transportation and processing. Cracks for damage or bumps. If the water vapor penetrates into the interior along the gap, it will make the dense the degree board is powdered and deformed. Moreover, when the bathroom cabinet is installed on site, it is often necessary to dimensions cut holes on the cabinet, install it on the water or fix it, these operations will affect the density. The protective film of the board will cause man-made damage, and will also cause the cabinet to deform.

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