Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant Melamine plywood

Unlike plywood, melamine sheet is not easy to change color. But this doesn’t mean you can’t paint your melamine plywood. It’s available in a range of different colors and styles, and the surface won’t wear away over time. And because it’s a paint-free material, melamine is an environmentally friendly choice for many furniture makers. The downside is that melamine is heavier and not as strong as plywood, so it’s not ideal for large, complex models.

Another benefit of melamine plywood is its low-pressure properties. Due to its low-density and dimensional stability, melamine sheets are much more affordable than other laminates. Additionally, melamine sheets are easier to work with than other materials. Because they are cheaper than solid wood, you can buy them for a fraction of the cost of solid wood. And melamine’s low-cost manufacturing makes them a smart choice for interior design projects.

Melamine plywood performance:
1. Various patterns can be imitated arbitrarily, with bright color and luster, used as the veneer of various wood-based panels and woods, with high hardness, wear resistance and good heat resistance.
2. The chemical resistance is general, and it can resist the abrasion of common solvents such as acid, alkali, grease and alcohol.
3, The surface is smooth and clean, easy to maintain and clean. Melamine plywood has excellent properties that natural wood cannot have, so it is often used in interior architecture and the decoration of various furniture and cabinets.
Melamine plywood is a wall decoration material. Some people use melamine plywood to counterfeit laminate flooring for floor decoration, which is inappropriate. Common specifications: 2440mm × 1220mm, thickness 15-18mm.

Advantages and disadvantages:
The advantages of this kind of plywood are: smooth surface, not easy to deform because of the same expansion coefficient on both sides of the plate, bright color, relatively wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant surface, and economical price.
The disadvantage of this kind of melamine sheet is that the edge is easy to collapse, and the edge can not be directly sealed.

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